LAZY! Yes! It seems hard to believe but I am LAZY!

I guess we all struggle with sins of the flesh.  Laziness would be included in a list of those and it is one that absolutely tops my personal list of those that I am guilty of.  I’d rather randomly cruise around the internet than do anything that can truly be described as productive.  Maybe lay around and watch bubble gum TV? (Yes, I watch Teen Mom on Netflix… it’s like a bad car crash… you just can’t look away).  Napping… oh napping sounds heavenly.  Yes I have LOTS of games on my phone and my kindle.  Those are FUN!  All of the things I listed are way more fun than… say… mopping the floor or folding the 1,000th load of laundry.  They are even more fun than going over a spelling list with my children…. AGAIN!  Or editing my last photo session. SHOCK HORROR! Yes, I’d rather play Kindle games than homeschool my children or edit photos.

Imagine my surprise when I was chatting it up with a bunch of Mom’s recently and I referred to myself as being L – A – Z – Y! Specifically we were talking about how’d I rather just BUY all of the books in our Sonlight curriculum than try to hunt them all down through the library interloan program.  I’m just too lazy to do that!  I need it all laying right there in front of me or it just won’t get done.  One Mom, a dear friend who I adore… looked at me and said… “You? Lazy! Come on! You are the last person on this earth I’d call lazy!”  Or something to that affect.  She was sort of flabbergasted!  And so was I by her summary of me.  I guess  I show the world the face of a super productive person who doesn’t really have much of a lazy bone.  So… with this post the mask comes off!

How do I deal with my laziness?  I work well under pressure.  I’m the procrastinator who will wait until the due date and then pull an all nighter to get things done.  Wait, that isn’t true.  I do not stay up all night ever unless it is for something amazingly cool. I’m wwaaayyy too lazy… and old, for that.  But I will spend the day before working my rear until the work, whatever that may be, is done.  I often wonder if I’d do a better job at things by working ahead.  Nah… pressure works well for me.  I just have to remember not to become unglued because of my own laziness and the stress that procrastination can bring.

Something else that has worked wonders for me is routine.  Routine routine routine.  Actually, I taught my children the routine and now THEY don’t let ME get away with ignoring it.  Gotta love that!  Ok, sometimes maybe not so much.

I joined up with some ladies who are just like me.  We’ve got a nifty little Facebook group going and we all try and encourage one another to truly get things DONE!  We call ourselves the Society of D0-Ers.  Isn’t that cute?  Without the help and encouragement of the people in my life I fear I’d let the lazy side of me win the battle more often than I do.  That, my friends, is not a good thing.

So onward and upward!  Do you have any tricks for getting yourself to get things done!  Share them with me.  I need all of the help I can get!

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  1. I suspect that the reason I procrastinate so much is because in order to properly motivate myself it has to be “urgent.” The same way that my 3-year-old can’t be motivated to use the potty unless she has to go RIGHT NOW. Maybe I just never grew up. {wink}

  2. It’s like I could have written this myself!

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