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High quality and educational apps can be a bit of a chore to discover in the sea of apps that make up the app stores on our mobile devices.  There are gems out there and I’m excited to share one of them with you.  Our family has been enjoying a fantastic app called Orphs of the Woodlands at Tangletree from Star Toaster. This app comes from the same people who created Orphs of the Woodlands which I reviewed last year. Everything that Star Toaster creates is designed to develop a love of reading in our children.   Orphs of the Woodlands at Tangletree exceeds all of the expectations I had after our fantastic experience with them last year. This time the program comes as an iOS app and is compatible with all apple devices.

Orphs Map_zpsvytirgyqThis app contains a 122 page fully illustrated chapter book for your children to enjoy complete with 75 lessons on a variety of subjects.  The story follows the adventures of Abba, flying squirrel who has found himself in the position of carrying for orphaned animals (known as orphs) in his tree house.  As your children read the book the help him take care of the orphs trhough over 130 “jobs” where the children are tested on their skills.  This game incorporates lots of learning and reading in a way that makes it so enjoyable for your children that they aren’t even aware of it.

The first part of the program is the reading adventure.  The text is presented in such a way that important words are highlighted.  When a student touches them they learn new definitions for the words as well as their synonyms.  Hundreds of words throughout the text are presented in this way.  What a goldmine for our kiddos.

Work list Orph_zpsd6qojfnuAs the reading progresses the reader (your child) is required to help the orphs.  They complete jobs and visit the orph settlement.  As the story progresses it is up to the reader to rescue as many of the orphs as they can.  Added to the reading adventure is all of the academic learning that is impeded throughout. There are hundreds of lessons here on everything from math, to science, to vocabulary, thinking skills, life skills, art and more.  Positive character traits and leadership skills are also instilled as the character moves through the story line and makes important decisions.
I wish you could see how excited my boys were to be able to play this game.  They remembered it well from last year and were waiting all year for the release of another game/book.  Both of my boys have excellent well above average reading skills and therefore they were able to move through the app very quickly.  I would say that the average 8-10 year old would find the reading to be just about at the right level and they should be challenged but not to the point of struggling.

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What my boys had to say!

  • Ezra(8) has to say… “I loved it because you are basically the main character of the story and you actually get to interact with the game and story.  The story is really awesome! It is really exciting to save the orphs!”
  • Noah(10) I really like the story line and how it takes words and turns them into links into educational videos. The game is really fun because its exciting to save orphs and its fun to see how quickly you can earn items for the game. “

Orphs goals_zpsr28nclouThe app is quite user friendly.  You can create different user names for each of your children so they can all play and progress through the program separately yet still use the same devices.  There is a parent area when you can view your children’s progress and reports on what they have accomplished.


This is one of those products that I just want to shout about.  It’s just that great!  The story, the character learning, the academic learning, the reading, how well it all integrates together.  It is just super high quality.  And so worth it at only $1.99.

You can’t go wrong with this program!

Orphs of the Woodlands at Tanglegate Review
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  1. Hi Crystal!
    Thank you for your wonderful review of “Orphs of the Woodlands at Tangletree”. We were beyond happy when we saw that you had signed up to review our app. We enjoyed your review of our online program and now greatly appreciate what you wrote about our app. We enjoyed reading Ezra and Noah’s thoughts, too. You have been such an encouragement to all of us at Star Toaster as we work on the next book. Please tell Ezra and Noah how much we appreciate them, as well.
    Your Friends!
    The Star Toaster Team

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