Right now, as I write this, I’m sitting near the edge of a blue and red mat inside a Karate Dojo. A nice breeze is washing over my face as about two dozen students rush by me. They are running their warm up laps. If you look closely you’ll notice a mighty little spirit among this class of mostly 8-12 year olds. It’s my little guy Ezra. On this day he is still just all of five years old. He is quite literally running with the big boys.

The students are whizzing by, each taking one step for every two or maybe even three of my little guy’s. Ezra has to work far harder than anyone else in here to keep up. He doesn’t mind. It doesn’t even phase him. He runs with a broad smile on his face. Over the last year or two he has become rather popular not only here but in our other activities. Everyone knows Ezra will work harder than anyone and will do so with a loving, giving, and happy spirit. Ezra thrives on the challenge.

We are blessed to belong to this particular Karate studio. Ezra’s drive, his dedication, and his sincere heart was recognized early on by his Karate instructors. They responded by removing all roadblocks to Ezra’s success. It would have been so easy for them to hold him back if for no other reason than his age and obvious lack of experience. Ezra not only thrives but he soars. His dedication to his sport knows no end and he is rewarded for it.

I wish the entire world could be just like that. As an adult I’ve experienced just the opposite at times. Recently I believed I was asked to complete a task that I sincerely believe that I am entirely capable of completing with great success. I welcomed the opportunity knowing it could stretch my abilities and experience. I’m like Ezra in that I adore a challenge and like anyone who knows me well could tell you, I’ll stop at nothing until the project is done to absolute perfection. Especially when I believe it could bring glory to God and reach others for Him.

But before I could even begin, before I even had a chance to show what I was capable of or explain how I would tackle the project a roadblock was thrown in my way. I was stopped cold in my tracks. Apparently I misunderstood. There will be a search for someone with more experience. Even though no one has even asked me, or given me the chance to explain just what I am capable of it has been determined that I don’t have what it takes. Ouch! Yep! That hurt!

My little boy sees no limits. There is no ceiling to what he might accomplish not only in Karate but in life. I’ve surrounding him with people who pull the best out of him. No roadblocks allowed. Imagine how high we all could soar if only we all encouraged one another.

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