Book Review: The Pray-ers / Book 1 Troubles by Mark S. Mirza from CTM Publishing Atlanta

ctm-logo1_zpsyrj4wv1nThe Pray-ers / Book 1 Troubles by Mark S. Mirza from CTM Publishing Atlanta is a faith based fiction book that will challenge you in your prayer life.  In the book we are follow the stories of three separate characters who lived in significantly different times.  Epaphras lived during the first century, Alexander Rich’s story was during the 19th century, and finally Dale Riley lives in the present day.  We follow the stories of the challenges these men face during their time and how their faith impacts them.

What makes their stories interesting is that each of them is assigned a heavenly angel as guide in their faith, as well as a demon whose goal is to plant seeds that would result in a destruction of their beliefs in God.  Each character reacted to the trials of their lives in fascinating ways  and of course, as the title of the book would imply, they were all Christian men of prayer.  Their decisions and their walk had ripple effects on those around them and even those who came after them.  How all things tied together was quite surprising.

While this book is definitely a work of fiction it does give a person, especially a Christian, a lot to consider about the subject of prayer.  All three main characters are praying men (hence the title Pray-ers) and a lot of attention is given to explaining how and what they prayed.  Usually this centered on scripture from the Bible.  Praying the scriptures isn’t a new concept to me.  Many a Bible teacher has preached or written their own books or devotionals on just this topic.  Each time I come across this concept I find myself reflecting on how much I pray with scripture.  Sincerely it isn’t a habit for me though I’d like it to be.

This book challenged me beyond that though.  It left me questioning every aspect of my prayer life.  When I pray do I pray for others or just myself?  Am I praying with faith in God’s will?  Do I believe god is already working in the situation?  All great questions for reflection no matter who you are or what your prayer life is like.


While I had intended to share this book with my oldest son who is just about to turn 11 I think I may reconsider.  We are fortunate as homeschoolers to be able to keep the innocence of childhood longer than many of his traditionally schooled friends.  While I certainly don’t keep him shielded from the challenges of this fallen world there are some topics that we just haven’t covered yet.  Toward the end of the book there is some reference to things like abortion and rape.  We’ve only just begun to dabble in conversation about these topics (rape in particular).  I think he may just be more prepared for those things in a book of fiction in a few more years.

Overall I really liked this book.  I suggest that if you find it a bit of a slow start to stick with it.  At first it was a bit of challenge to see how the three characters in three different eras had anything to do with one another.  It’s a great book for young adults and teens! And it certainly had me reflecting on my prayer life.  I really recommend this book.  I hope you enjoy it!

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The Pray-ers / Book 1 Troubles

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