Why A Whole Foods Plant Based Diet?

What does it mean to eat WFPB (Whole Food Plant Based Diet)?  Primarily it means choosing to only eat foods that are unprocessed (or whole) and come from plant sources.  It means choosing not to eat anything provided by animals.  Eating WFPB means eliminating all meats and fish, dairy or all kinds including cheese and yogurt, as well as eggs. That sounds pretty crazy to most people I’m sure.  Once upon a time it sounded absolutely LUDICROUS to even myself!  I mean… how do you get your protein?  Well that is a post for another day.  So why did we choose a WFPB way of life?


We do it for our health!  Individuals who choose a WFPB diet often enjoy better health including fewer battles with typical diseases like diabetes, cancer, obesity and the range of problems that brings, and heart disease.  Eating like this is not a magic bullet to avoiding disease but it certainly is a pretty darn good one.

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