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educeri-logo_zpsicbcmya1Let me tell you about one of our latest homeschool products we have received…. it is called Educeri Lesson Subscription Service from Educeri …….  Educeri a division of DataWORKS .  It is full of thousands of lessons for grades K-12 for in a wide variety of subjects. What a bountiful resource.

Of course when you first hear of resource with literally thousands of lessons to sort through you can feel a bit overwhelmed.  Have no fear, the website is well laid out and pretty intuitive for its navigation.  You are able to sort through lessons by grade and subject so that you can find just the thing you are looking for.   You will find lessons for Math, Science, History, Art, and more.


This program was originally designed for use in the traditional classroom but it can be effectively use with just one or a couple of students.  If you are a classroom teacher and you have the proper equipment you can display lessons from you computer onto a wall or smartboard for a roomful of children to see.  They lessons are usually pretty easy to follow as you just click through and follow the step-by-step instructions.


It is probably important to note that Educeri is not a complete curriculum but a great resource for supplemental resources to reinforce or expand a student’s knowledge.

I used the Educeri Lesson Subscription Service with both of my older boys ages 8 and 10.   My older son needs reinforcement of all of his math skills, constantly.  He is the type of child who will loose a math skill if he isn’t constantly reviewing it.  With him I tended to skip around the math grades and hunt for lessons that had him reviewing math facts at all levels.  I found it fast and easy to find just what he needed and set him to work.


Since the program does align with Common Core we were unable to really dive into the math lessons beyond the reviewing of facts since Common Core math isn’t something we study in our homeschool I did feel a bit limited in this regard.

The lesson called Memorize Multiplication Facts was a good one for my son.  As all of the lessons from Educeri it was well set up and my 10 year old could work through things pretty independently.  For this lesson we printed off a series of student worksheets to be filled out and then he checked his own work on the computer against charts of multiplication facts that would be filled in automatically as he reviewed a fact.

Both of my boys are major history buffs and they quickly found the history lessons all on their own.  I can’t even tell you honestly everything they looked at since they were able to do this completely independently.  When I looked in on them I was able to determine that a lot of the lessons are mostly reading material from a slide on the screen.  It reminds me a lot of power point presentations.  My boys enjoyed picking through the reading and comparing it to information they’ve learned from books and other studies.



My overall thoughts about this program is that is a very nice resource.  I mean how can it not be with over 1000 lessons right?  It is well laid out and it works smoothly.  Finding what you need is easy and that is important when you are looking at what might be a treasure trove of possibilities.

The fact that this program is geared toward a traditional classroom experience is pretty obvious.  How fabulous this might be for a family that is just getting started with homeschooling.  I’ve heard many families tell me they feel they need to use materials that are similar to what their children saw in school in order to ease the transition to the home setting… or even to simply make the homeschool parent FEEL like they are covering all basis.  If this is you you might really enjoy this program.

I think the best way to figure out if this program is right for you is to check out the 30 day free trial.  You will get unlimited access to the 1,000+ lesson plans.  Click here for more information.

Educeri Lesson Subscription Service

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