The Lesson I Learned About the Power of My Words

28002_boy_holding_heart (1)My son taught me a lesson the other day.  My oldest son Noah is 10 right now and he gave me a fascinating display of how a child’s brain works.  He was doing his daily karate practice and he was being quite lazy and sloppy with his moves.  I started to correct but for some reason what actually came out of my mother instead was a compliment about how fantastic his moves looked when we was practicing in class the other day.  They were clean and crisp.  I told him it was obvious he was working really hard on that day.

My son walked over and hugged me and thanked me for what I said to him.  When he resumed his practice he was a different child.  Low and behold he started working just as hard as he had in class.  My mind was blown.

I had intended to tell him everything he was doing wrong.  I meant to let him know I was frustrated by his carelessness.  My plan was turn the moment into a character lesson about (ALWAYS trying our hardest).  I don’t have any idea why those words didn’t pour from my mouth.  What came out was not what was running through my brain however it was far better and highly effective.

Somehow in that moment I was lead to build my son up instead of ripping him apart.  It was a moment of love between us.  Lord I pray you intervene like this every time in the future with all of my children.  THIS is the kind of mom I want to be.

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