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charagames_logo_zpszgno9wp3If your family has a love for board games I’ve got a great review for you.  It is a cooperative game called Commissioned from Chara Games.  This game is designed for 2-6 players and it was created for those ages 14 and up.  With some patience and practice however, my 9 year old and 11 year olds were able to play and enjoy the game just fine.  Like I said this is a cooperative game.  I’ve never played a cooperative game before and it is quite different from my usual game playing experience.  Every play actually works together to achieve the goal of winning the game.  Either everyone wins or everyone looses.

This game has a great theme.  It focuses on the history of the early Christian church through the eyes of the apostles as they spread the gospel and planted churches throughout the land.  It even includes references on some of the cards so you can dig into your Bibles and learn more about what happened during the Apostle’s time.   The goal of the game is to new churches across the land and add books of the Bible to the canon.


Once you work out and understand how to setup and play the game it typically takes about an hour to play.  My suggestion is to have parents play it on their own and then introduce it to the children.  It will just make it all that much easier to learn.


Each player actually takes on the identity of of an apostle.  Each apostle has unique gifts and strengths that come in handy throughout the game.  You use your apostles skills to work as a team with the other apostles to grow the church, collect the New Testament books of the Bible, and work through so many trials.  Chara Games has provided us with a very handy instructional video that walks new players through the game step-by-step.  Thank goodness because this is one those pretty intense, complex, roll playing type strategy games.  Between the video they provide and the glorious, detailed, and lovely instructional manual we were able to tackle this challenge.  Once you play it once, however, you’ll be good to go.


Commissioned is a game played in rounds.  Players move through a serious of tasks repeatedly to achieve their objects and over come trials.  Each player takes turns acting as the group’s Elder (or ultimate decision maker).  All together the group reaches a victory if they can move through the entire deck of Trial cards without loosing the five churches.  Once this style of game play is mastered you can tackle other scenarios making this a really diverse game that never gets old.


THIS GAME! It’s amazing.  Players learn about the hardships the apostles faced.  Pair it with a bit of Bible study and you can really get to know some of these amazing men of the early church.  PLUS! What a gift to share with friends who perhaps LOVE challenging games but do not know Christ.  It could be the perfect segway to some amazing conversations within the family or with someone contemplating who Christ was.


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Chara Games has impressed me with this first experience with them.  They are developing other games and they are launching their new newest game 3 Seeds. This game is a strategic game for 2-5 players. Check it out by clicking the link.


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