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Once-a-Week Studies {Homeschool Legacy}

My homeschooling kiddos are big fans of unit studies.  This homeschooling mom is a big fan of Homeschool Legacy unit studies like the one we recently reviewed called Cooking up History with the Founding Presidents which is a Once-a-Week Micro-Study.  This particularly study happens to be what Homeschool Legacy refers to as a “microstudy” which means you learn a lot, in a short time, with ease.  What on earth could be better?  Oh… and this is cooking… cooking/learning projects/eating all rolled into one? I’m came out looking like a hero in this house!

Once-a-Week Studies {Homeschool Legacy}
Homeschool Legacy is a sweet little company created by veteran homeschooling mom Sharon Gibson.  You can see here that I’ve written about her unit studies before… actually my family has completed quite a few of them.  Did I tell you I was a fan? I once had the pleasure of meeting Sharon when she traveled to the MassHOPE conference near me in Massachusetts a few years back.  We had a fabulous time chatting about her work and how much my children enjoy her studies.   Sharon has been in the trenches, she knows exactly what a homeschooling family needs in a great unit study.


What are Micro-Studies?

Micro-studies are the best.  The best way to describe them are… short unit studies.  I know it sounds so complicated! Ha!  No worries though, these studies are jam packed with valuable information about whatever the topic may be.  And you, the homeschooling mom, are free to expand or shorten them in any way you wish.  These studies are PERFECT on their own or you can use them as add-ons to whatever your favorite curriculum happens to be.


These micro-studies, if done are their own, are perfect to fill out a whole week’s worth of work or they can be completely in just one day a week over a month.  (or twice a week over two weeks) They are so flexible.

Cooking up History with the Founding Presidents was the PERFECT study for my history adoring children.  Oh, and cooking!  If anyone knows anything about my family they know that my 9 year old son is a truly talented and budding chef.  Let’s add American History and cooking together and oh my goodness the heavens have parted.  The most exciting thing? Even though my children have read just about every biography and text on every president they can find… (especially the early ones) they still learned so much.  I mean, First Lady’s are included… come on now!


This Micro-Study is broken into 4 lessons and with each lesson you learn all about another president.  Then you cook up one of their favorite dishes!  Yahoo!

  • Lesson 1 – George Washington and cherry pie
  • Lesson 2 – John Adams and Apple Pan Dowdy
  • Lesson 3 – Thomas Jefferson and  macaroni and cheese
  • Lesson 4 – James Adams and vanilla flavored ice cream

This study was so simple to do.  We hit the library and took out our favorite books on each of the presidents in order to help us round things out.  We didn’t have to though and don’t feel like you should either.  The beginning of every study covers some great facts about each President and it is really all you need.

There is a complete supplies list provided so you can be super prepared.  The recipes and directions are all provided in easy to follow language.  This is such a no brainer.  You can’t loose.

This study comes as a downloadable PDF which you can print out for your own use (and destroying while cooking).  However, following along on the computer has advantages since you can easily access the links she’s provided.  With just a click you’ll find yourself watching some great videos and digging into some very helpful information about the president you are studying.


The recipes themselves are simple.  I’m not much a chef myself and I’ve only sort of conquered my fear of the kitchen (sort of) in the last year or two.  Of course with my chef son on my side I wasn’t really needed.  I do want to point out that we didn’t follow the recipes exactly.  My family is dairy, egg, and oil free.  No, we don’t even use butter or margarine, not even the dairy free kinds.  That wasn’t a problem.  We are fairly experienced with recreating recipes or outright swapping things to fit the way we eat.  For example, with the cherry pie (pictured here) we used our own favorite crust recipe and a crumble for the topping.  When we made the vanilla ice cream we used our own favorite frozen banana ice cream.  We know how to make things work!

If you are interested in any of her unit studies she also offers:

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Once-a-Week Studies {Homeschool Legacy}

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