Preparing for Motherhood: A Guide

Welcoming a baby into the world will be one of the most memorable moments of your life. While you might be filled with unconditional love for your child, it’s only natural to find the whole experience a little daunting, especially if this is your first child. However, you can guarantee you will soon adjust to your new normal!

If you want to ensure you are ready for the biggest role of your lifetime, read the below tips for preparing for motherhood.

Take a Prenatal Vitamin

Every expectant mother must take a prenatal vitamin each day, which will cover any nutritional gaps in their daily diet. For example, it is crucial for your baby’s health and development to have folic acid, iodine, calcium, and iron.

Care for Your Health

The best thing you can do for your baby during pregnancy is to care for your health. This means eating a nutrient-rich diet, enjoying plenty of sleep each night, and avoiding stress or upset throughout every trimester.

You also must follow your doctor’s orders at all times. If your doctor states you need bed rest, you need to climb into bed! If a doctor recommends you take maternity leave early, you should talk to your employer as soon as possible.

Buy Maternity Clothing

You’ll start outgrowing your current clothing by your second trimester, which is why you should buy maternity clothing to feel more comfortable and confident. However, avoid buying maternity clothes during your first trimester, as your growing bump will still be taking shape.

Stock Up on the Essentials First

You might be tempted to run out and buy a variety of toys, gadgets, and clothing for the first year of their life, but resist the urge to do so. Not only will this be expensive, but too many items could result in you missing some essentials off your checklist.

It’s important to focus on the items your baby will need once he or she arrives in the world. For example, you’ll need a stroller, highchair, clothing, blankets, swaddles, diapers, a baby carrier, and a car seat. You can find everything you might need for your newborn at The Green Nursery.

Prep Your Hospital Bag

Your hospital bag will feature your baby’s very first items, such as clothing, formula, and bottles or a breast pump, diapers, and a blanket, while mom-to-be will also need to pack pajamas, toiletries, and a fresh set of clothing. As your baby could arrive at any point, you should have your hospital bag ready to go from 37 weeks, so you can simply pick it up and make your way to a maternity unit.

Don’t Forget the Baby Monitor

A baby monitor will be your new best friend once your baby son or daughter is welcomed into your world. New parents are often anxious when caring for a newborn at home, which is why you’ll be glad you have a baby monitor to hand. If your budget allows, opt for a video baby monitor to routinely watch your baby as he or she sleeps.

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