About Me

Hey there!  I’m Crystal Starr… or just plain old Crystal.  Starr happens to be my middle name, my mother was a bit of a hippy back in the day can you tell?  My grandmother always told me that I have the perfect name for show business.  Well I’m not in show business but darn it I like my name so much I figure I should use it some how right?

That’s me… back in the day.  Yep, I really am just a geek.

So I grew up with a fabulous Mom who instilled in me this urge to get ahead in life!  I was going to college and I was going to make something of myself.  Yes sir!  I was going to have a career, a fabulous husband, 2 children who went to daycare while I pursued my own life.

Well… let’s just say not everything went as planned.  It all started out just fine.  I did indeed go to college and I met a fabulous man who was brave enough to walk down that isle with me. Check out this uber fabulous engagement photo!

I had a great stable career as a special education teacher and I even worked in a fabulous school district!  I was set for life!  As my father would say… all of my ducklings were perfectly in a row. But it wasn’t perfect.  Not really.  I wasn’t happy the way I always imagined I’d be. Yet I had no stinking idea why!  Can we say FRUSTRATING!

Then something crazy happened.  At my husband’s urging I started going to church.  Yep! I got turned into one of those Jesus freaks and my whole life got turned upside down.  It all came to a head when it came time to have our first baby. I found I was being called not to be a career woman any more but to stay home with my son.  You know… just for a little while.

Ha, a little while has turned into over six years!  We now have 2 more little munchkins to boot! Crazy how life doesn’t take you down the paths you foresee. These are my four loves.

Oh, and the biggest shocker of them all?  This former public school teacher die hard believer in the institution of public education is now… a homeschooler.   I know, what am I thinking?  Honestly I’m thinking life is pretty darn cool.  And on top of it all… I have this really cool photography business that not only allows me to bless family financially, but to partake is some pretty beautiful moments in life.

So you’ll get all of that and then some on this blog.  I will talk about my photography and share with you my beautiful clients, my children, my faith, our homeschool, you name it! Life is a long strange trip.

Do you care to come along for the ride?