Macro Madness… Colored Pencils!

Pencil Macro

I like to make every day objects into art work.  Our school space is in our basement and it’s a bit dark down there.  I was thinking it might be nice to spruce it up with some new and vibrant art work!  I dug out my camera and got to work!  What do you think of the results?  I’m not sure if I’d rather have these printed on canvas or framed in a simple black frame!  Hmm… oh! These might make nice gifts for an art teacher too.  I wonder what else I could do with photos like these!

storyboard-991 storyboard-992

Springtime Macro Madness


I’m blessed to live in a house whose previous owners were avid gardeners. Lord knows I kill plants just by looking at them! I kid you not! Ask my husband. Somehow every spring we do get some gorgeous flowers popping up all on their own! I dare not touch them… my black thumb would shrivel them up in moments! Breaking out my macro lens however is a treat! Here are some treasures I captured right outside my front door. Who knew such beauty existed just steps away!

storyboard-927 storyboard-928 storyboard-929 storyboard-930 storyboard-931

Do you have a favorite?  Is there anything you’d like to see photographed in a macro kind of way? I’d love to hear your thoughts!




Wishing for Spring!

Looking forward to warmer days… how about you?storyboard-770

A Little Christmas Magic

You know what is the coolest thing about Christmas… at least from a photographer’s point of view?  LIGHTS!  Lots of pretty dazzling lights every where you look!  I thought I would try to make a bit of a starburst effect with our Christmas tree.  This was the result.  Oh, and that ornament?  Handmade by my son!  Isn’t it just the cutest?


Merry Christmas!

Abena is Having a Baby!

Are any of you planning a baby shower for someone special any time soon?  If so you are just going to LOVE this post!  I recently had the pleasure to photograph the most adorable Tea Party Baby shower for a fabulous mom to be named Abena.  Her sisters, family and friends put on a great party!

Every guest was given these sweet tea cups with heart shaped saucers.  Not only did were these for sipping tea during all of the festivities, but each guest was invited to take one home as a favor. They were ordered from Gourmet of Olde City based in Philadelphia.

A fabulous spread of every sort of delicious food that you might traditionally enjoy at a shower was provided by Cafe Louise in West Hartford Connecticut.

This absolutely adorable Baby in a Teacup Tier Cake was provided by Bolo Bakery right here in my hometown of Plainville!

I loved how many of the guests got into the spirit of things and donned hats and fasteners.  What a sweet and fun touch!

Though the guests were all decked out in their best, none of them out shined our Mommy to be.  Abena looks positively adorable with her baby bump! And as you can see, her smile just radiated and lit up the entire room!


The day was filled with lots of friends and family laughing, eating, and playing some spectacular games.  I’m sure you can see that everyone had a really great time!

The highlight of any shower is of course the absolutely adorable shower of baby gifts.  Who doesn’t love to ooohh and aaaahhh at all of the sweet, and tiny, goodies.  Abena has two adoring sisters who were more than willing to assist her in opening those gifts.  Let’s just say, this will be one very spoiled, and very loved little baby.  It is abundantly clear that she will have the two greatest aunts in the world.

I’ll end here with is fabulous view of sisterly love.

To view more of Abena’s Tea Party Baby Shower please click the slide show below.

Afiya was kind enough to provide a complete list of all vendors for your reference.


  1. Caterer for sandwiches, lemonade and iced tea and most desserts: Cafe Louise in West Hartford  but the banana pudding and deviled eggs were made by my dad, Johnnie Jordan.
  2. Cupcake/Baby in Teacup Tier: Bolo Bakery in Plainville
  3. Heart-shaped teacup favors: Gourmet of Olde City based in Philadelphia
  4. Tea: mostly Twinings and Tazo brand which can be found in any grocery store but which I bought at Whole Foods , but the specialty pyramid shaped ones came from Tea Forte:
  5. Balloons and Decorations: Most balloons came from Party City as did all of the tablecloths and the balloon weights, but the onesie balloon came from Big Dot of Happiness  Andrea made the diaper cupcakes for the tables. I designed and  applied the labels to the sugar houses and brewed bag bins, but I purchased all of the containers from (They really need this franchise in CT by the way!)
  6. The banner was made by Shindigz based on a design from my friend Karen. You can upload your own pictures on there for the banners.
  7. The necklaces and buttons were from (The sash my sister wore was made by my younger cousin though so you can’t find that there but the materials came from Michael’s as below.)
  8. The bags featured labels designed and applied by me but the multicolored bags came from Michael’s as did the trinkets tied to each bag.
  9. All of the disposable plates, utensils and cold drink cups came from Amazon, except the disposable wine glasses which came from Party City.




Capturing Life’s Everyday Moments! Lifestyle Photography

I crawled up stairs to my children’s rooms to collect the never ending piling of dirty laundry. Why doesn’t that pile ever end exactly? I mean, it truly seems as if the dirty clothing is reproducing itself right there in my children’s hampers, and on the floor, and in the bathroom, on the stairs, and just about every other place they visit in the course of a day.

I rounded the corner and stopped. The air was sucked out of my lungs just a bit. I hate to make the moment seem overly dramatic but it was a moment that struck me. I tipped toed back downstairs to retrieve my camera praying all the way that I didn’t spoil what I saw and that it’d still be there when I returned. Often times by the time I grab my camera the moment of time, the story, the memory has flittered on past. This time I got lucky.

This moment would probably come off as ordinary to most people. In fact, it really was just an every day moment. I know I’ve skipped over times like these thousands of times and never thought anything of it. I’m glad I paused today. Here were my boys being boys, enjoying themselves just as four year olds and six year olds should. They seem to grow my minute. I wanted this story saved forever.

That’s what Lifestyle Photography is to me at least. Capturing a moment, a story, a flicker of time just as it was. No posing, no smiling, and at best just reaching the camera around for a better angle. I got what I was after.



I love how these photos capture not only exactly who they are right now, but I’ve also preserved a bit of history. We can see a bit of how their room looks, Ezra’s bedding, and the big Lego table. Eventually all of that will be outgrown and gone. I want to remember it just as it is right now.

Of course you can’t leave out the youngest. She’s my baby though I must come to grips with how much she is growing. She’s nearly two and just about finished potty training. Sigh! I probably jinxed it writing that here. Oh well. I needed to capture her just as she is right now too.


Often in the chaos of life it is hard to stop and savor the smallness of who they are and what they are doing. Take the time, it’ll be worth it.

A Boy and His Toy!

Dirty, grungy, filthy… the perfect place to photograph a boy’s toy!  My brother-in-law Tyler is a car guy.  Yep! Totally! Completely head over heals passionate about cars.  So much so that when he landed himself a position selling them at an area dealership it didn’t take him long to become one of the top salesman.  Despite the economy this guy is pretty much killing it most of the time.  What is funny to me at least is that I just can’t picture Tyler as a salesman.  But I guess his passion for what he is selling makes him a great one.

Of course this means Tyler is totally into his own car!  Tires, wheels, gadgets, doo-hickey’s, sound systems that fill the trunk, mufflers that sound like they are in badly need of repair (at least to me)… yep, he’s into all of it.  Classic.  He asked me to photograph his car.  That’s a high complement.  Just like a mom he wanted great photos of his baby.  So I did! And I had a blast doing it!  Here is just a tiny sneak peak.  I promise to share more soon!

Thanks for a great time Tyler!  I can’t wait to dig into the rest of them!