How I Spent My Memorial Day!

The streets were pretty quite, only a handful of people were walking about.  Dark heavy clouds overhead held the promise of rain to come pouring down any minute.  “But I’ve never been to Providence! I want to go check it out.  I’ll be fine!”  Those were the words of my husband, still saddled by a foot cast and crutches, as we contemplated what to do with our free morning.  We were in Providence Rhode Island on Memorial day.  I had been hired to assist with a wedding nearby the day before.  We had hoped to get a little time in together before we headed home to our crew of kidlets.  The crutches and the pending storm left me feeling hesitant.  He must be crazy to want to walking around downtown Providence in the rain on crutches.  But my husband knew I was itching to take some street photos before we headed home.  I didn’t honestly think I’d capture much, the place was pretty quiet after all.

But he insisted.  We climbed into the van and drove around until we found a comfortable place to park.  I didn’t want to go far.  I didn’t want to be caught in a rain storm too far from our van.  We walked slowly together in the peace and quiet.  He’d pause on a bench while I went to work creating something or other with my camera.  It really was a peaceful day.  The best part, after just shy of 10 years of marriage my hubby still knows how to make me happy and I still marvel as his self-less, giving, caring, generous spirit.

I found myself near the Providence river where I saw something I had never had the pleasure of seeing before, something I didn’t even know existed in the United States.  Perhaps I need to get out more?  I was amazed by the gondola’s.  Early this year the boys and I did a little unit study on Italy.  Of course we spent lots of time talking about the canals and the gondola’s you find there.  I knew they’d love these photos and Noah would probably ask me if we went to Italy!



It did start to rain pretty quickly.  You can see the drops falling in some of the photos. A few other photos I took I am saving for some upcoming photo challenges.  I’ll share those in the coming days.

But I do have to share this one.  My loving, sweet, patient, kind, husband.

After we walked around Providence a bit he decided it was time I get my Mother’s Day present.  Yes it is late but let me explain.  It is all my fault!  I was SUPPOSED to rent a lens I’ve been thinking about buying forever BEFORE Mother’s day.  I said I would do it.  I wanted to do it.  I wanted to try it out before I plunked down the cash.  But I didn’t do it.  I felt very guilty about spending money on a lens.  I didn’t want to rent it, fall in love with it, and then just not buy it because I didn’t want to put out the cash.  So I didn’t rent it.

Meanwhile Todd KNEW I would be reluctant to buy it myself so he planned to buy the darn thing for Mother’s day.  But he really wanted me to give it a try first… just in case.  But I didn’t rent it.  So he didn’t buy it.  How stinky huh?

Well I finally got to use the lens.  I borrowed it from a fellow photographer the day before and LOVED it!  When I told Todd that he jumped right on the computer and found the nearest camera shop.  We were going to buy the darn thing no matter if I liked it or not.  Luckily for me, Hunts Camera Shop was right around the corner.


I came home with this…

A “micro” lens, other wise known as a “macro lens.”  The short of it is I can take REALLY close up photos and get REALLY great details.  Here is a really great example!  This is a photo of my Kindle keyboard. LOVE!

I’m going to have LOTS of fun with this one!  I’m sure my upcoming blog posts will be FULL of all of kinds of new images!  Yeah!

So that was my Memorial day! Pretty fantastic right?  How was yours?


A Newborn Family Album! | CT Newborn & Family Photographer

Happy Wednesday!  What a week this is turning out to be! Let me tell you craziness abounds!  Our household has faced a stomach bug, a cold, relentless allergies, a field mouse, mountains of laundry, sleep deprivation, and complete craziness!  Oh and did I mention my husband is still in a cast!  That’s life in the fast lane I guess! I have to say that yesterday was a total blast!  I hosted my first giveaway here on the blog and the response was overwhelming!  I am giving away stuff I love and you have the chance to win a gift certificate to the Etsy shop Gorgeous & Company .  You all must love her stuff too because you are entering in DROVES!  You can still get in on the fun!  Just click here to view yesterday’s blog post for the details.

Alright! Enough of that!  I have a new session to share with you today!  And what a session it was!  I always tend to gush over my clients.  My business has led me to meet the most amazing, sweet, and generous people.  I am blessed immensely by each and every one of them!  Since I am a custom photographer I usually only do one session in a day and this gives me the opportunity to really be relaxed and get to know my clients.  By the time all is said and done and all of the photos and products are delivered we become friends!  I recently shared with you the maternity session of Heather and Her Husband John.  I titled it Gorgeous is an Understatement. You all must have agreed because that session has become one of my top viewed sessions of all times!

Well Heather had the precious baby she was carrying the day I took those photos!  A healthy happy baby girl!  It was exciting to get the call to come back and photograph her newborn photos.  Their sweet daughter was a precious sight to behold.  She was just so sweet and so cuddly.  She performed like a champ for her photos and I was able to create some of my best newborn shots ever.

Heather and John were so thrilled with the results of their session that they asked me to create an album for them.  So I thought I’d spice things up a bit with this post and share the pages from that album.  Notice this family decided to mix in some of their maternity photos as well.  They are such a beautiful family!  It made the whole process very simple.  I love how the pages came together and I hope you do too!


This is the opening page.  Please note I removed details to protect my clients privacy.



Each image here represents a double page spread.  So you are looking at these photos as if the album were laying open on your lap.




I love to create pages with one photo that fills the entire page.  These ones are always stunning!








So there you have it!  A custom album by Crystal Starr.  Thank you so much for looking! Have a fabulous Wednesday everyone and don’t forget about my giveaway here!

Giving Away Stuff I Love! | CT Photographer

Happy Tuesday!  I’m really excited today!  Today is the day I do my very first give away here on my blog!  What can be more fun than giving people something just because?  My first giveaway is something I absolutely LOVE!  I recently stumbled upon this FABULOUS Etsy store called Gorgeous & Company! This lady creates the most BEAUTIFUL headbands and other adorable accessories that I have ever seen in my entire life!  She has things that would be loved and treasured by babies, girls, teens, and adults alike.  I literally drool each time she adds something new to her store!

Let me show you a little peak of one of the cutest babies ever modeling one of Gorgeous & Company’s many creations.

Have you ever seen anything like that?  I’m always on the look out for creative, eye catching accessories for photo sessions.  I have yet to find anything else that is comparable to what Gorgeous & Company offers.  Here is another view!

Would you like to get your hands on one of Gorgeous & Company’s creations?  I am giving away one $25 gift certificate to her Etsy store.  Winning is easy!  Just leave a comment on this post (make sure you use a valid email) AND make sure you are a fan of my Facebook page.  I will use to choose a winner.  The winner will be chosen and announced on Friday so make sure you tell all of your friends so they can get in on the fun too!

Good luck and have an awesome week!

FAQ: What is a Gallery Canvas Wrap?

My clients frequently ask me to describe for them what a Gallery Canvas Wrap looks like.  Since a picture is worth a thousand words I thought I’d share a few photos so you can see exactly what I am describing.  I cannot say enough good things about Gallery Canvas Wraps.  They are absolutely positively STUNNING.  They are worth every red cent you spend on one.  I would cover every square inch of wall space in my own home with them if I could afford to.

Canvas wraps are unique in that they arrive ready to hang.  No need to frame these beauties though you absolutely can if you want to.  The image is created on a beautiful quality canvas and stretched over a sturdy and long lasting frame.  The image is glazed to ensure long life and to reduce fading over time.

Canvas wraps take a photo and make it a true work of art.  You paid a premium to have a professional photographer use outstanding equipment and the latest techniques and artistry to create a special piece for you.  Why not showcase it?  Canvas wraps do a fantastic job of doing just that.

When considering an image for a canvas wrap you need to ensure there is ample, and I mean AMPLE room all the way around the main subject of the photograph.  With a gallery canvas wrap the outer edges of the photo truly extend and wrap around the outer frame. Imagine taking a piece of wrapping paper and wrapping it around a gift box.  The sides of the gift box are decorated by the edges of the wrapping paper.  The sides of a gallery wrap are finished (or decorated by) the sides of the photo.  If there isn’t enough room you might have part of someone’s head or a body lost off of the edge.  This is hardly ever attractive.  If you are interested in a package with a gallery wrap then I’d be happy to help you select the best photo from your session.

Now, I’m off to choose a few photos for my own home to have created as gallery wraps.

FAQ: What do your spiral bound photobooks look like?

In the past I offered something called a session album as part of a couple of my packages.  I found the description must not be very clear because most of my clients asked me what exactly that was.  So I’ve decided to rename the product. I think Spiral Bound Photobook is a bit more accurate.  It features front and back custom designed sturdy covers.  These books are absolutely adorable and perfect for toting around in your purse and sharing with others.  They make fantastic gifts as well! I feature the 5×7 version in my packages but they also come in 4×6, 5×5, and 8×10.

Since a picture is worth a 1,000 words I thought you’d appreciate a visual of exactly what I am talking about.  I created this album for one of my recent clients.  I was quite pleased with how it turned out.  Of course, I did have a gorgeous model gracing the pages.