Baby Miles is 3 Months Old!

Do you remember Miles?  A few months back he, and his sister, graced my page with their adorable photos!  Miles was just a newborn then.  Now he is back to share with us he sweet little 3 month face.  Ah… doesn’t he look like quite the snuggler!

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This little guy is destined to be one handsome heartbreaker.  I can’t wait to share his 6 month old photos!  Thank you to his Mom Annie for being such a loyal client!  It’s a blessing to work with her and her family!

To see more of Baby Miles click the slideshow below.


Baby Miles and Big Sister Norah! Newborn and Child Photography

Oh do babies grow so fast! And so do families.  It was just two years ago that I got to photograph little newborn baby Norah!  Now, as you’ll see she is big 2 year old sister Norah and this is her baby brother Miles.  Can I just say… both of these two were some of the easiest newborn babies I ever had the pleasure of photographing?





Norah is a spunky and very smart two year old.  Boy did she entertain me with all of her fun songs!





Thanks as always to Marc and Annie for allowing me to spend time with their fabulous family!  To view more of their session please visit the slideshow below.

Welcome Baby Miles!

I promised you a little newborn sneaky peeky!  This little guy is Miles and he was one of the best behaved newborns I’ve had the pleasure to photograph.  He didn’t even wet on my blankets.  Mommy reports his big sister didn’t either.  What is their secret?

Baby Ryan; CT Newborn Photography

Do you remember this couple Katie and Chris? I blogged their fantastic newborn session here just a sort time ago.

Well as you probably guessed their sweet baby made his grand entrance into this world.

Would you get a load of this cuteness! Oh my goodness, what a newborn baby fix I got on this day. Baby Ryan was just a week on the day of our session.

What a blessing to spend the afternoon with him and his family.

To see more of Baby Ryan please click the slideshow below. Thank you again so much Katie and Chris! It was a real pleasure.

Katie and Chris and Baby Make 3!

I wanted to share with you the photos of a beautiful couple that I recently had the the pleasure to photograph. They are awaiting the birth of their very first baby.

We certainly lucked out with a very beautiful day for our photoshoot. But really it was Katie who rocked it. Isn’t she just gorgeous?




But what I loved the most about these two is how they let their love for each other absolutely shine through for the camera.


These two are going to make fantastic parents. I can see it just in how they care for one another.


Congratulations Katie and Chris! I am SO looking forward to the big day… the day I get to photograph your sweet little addition. Best wishes and prayers for an excellent delivery.

To see more of Katie and Chris’ Maternity please click the box before.

Baby MJ! Newborn Photography

Check out this little guy!  Ok, I admit… I’m tremendously behind in my blogging!  I had the privilege of photographing this handsome little man just before Christmas.  His Momma was pretty creative and he was pretty cooperative.  So we got some cuteness for sure!









I hope you enjoyed baby MJ.  To see more of his session please click below!


Welcome to the world precious Baby A!

Welcome to the world precious Baby A!

Every time I have the opportunity to photograph a beautiful newborn baby I just fall in love all over again. Every baby becomes my absolute FAVORITE baby. Baby A was no different. I just adored her and her family!


The day of her session Baby A was a very typical week old baby. She had an agenda all of her own and she wasn’t going to let much deter her.



But as you can see, she really was an angel. She performed beautifully for the camera and we were able to capture some really fantastic memories.



As always! Thank you Baby A and her family for the opportunity to capture such a sweet time in your family! It was a total pleasure!

To see all of Baby A’s session please click the slideshow below.

The power of your touch!

You know, a father’s touch is just as powerful as a mother’s.  Maybe even more so in come ways.  To see a tiny newborn in the hands of a loving, and sometimes awkward father… it’s breath taking.  The hands have the power to sooth, love, caress, and comfort. A gentle touch can often say more than million words. A sweet caress can bring one right to their knees. For a child it can lift them up! A strong touch can protect and even heal. Of course, there is a different sort of touch too… the kind that has the power to bring down, wreck havoc, even destroy. But I light to capture beauty. So that is what I did.

I strive to create photographs that capture sweet moments that can now last for a lifetime. Maybe some day this little baby won’t have his daddy any more. Or maybe he’ll just grow up and move far away. That loving touch from daddy won’t be readily available. But I like to think that when he sees this photo he’ll know he was loved. That’s the legacy I want to leave with my work.

To see even more stunning images of hands at work, at rest, at play, in love… check out these awesome photographers below. Happy Friday!

Caryn, Mike, and the WHOLE Gang!

You might not remember but just about a year ago I had the opportunity to photograph three of the cutest kids I know (next to my own of course).  Elizabeth, Sarah, and Joshua did a stupendous job rocking the camera at nearby Hubbard Park.  If you don’t remember the session then click here to go check them out.  Since that day, if you had asked me to describe the best family session I’d ever had was like, I would have described that session.  These three little ones were just joyful, cooperative, absolutely silly, and their parents just made it all that much easier!

Fast forward a year now and I have a new favorite family session ever!  The family has grown!  Yes indeed if I remember correctly I do believe Caryn was keeping a bit of secret on the day I photographed her kiddos.   They now have a sweet and handsome little Matthew.  I could NOT be happier for them!  Especially because they asked me to capture his first portraits.  And THEN I got to photograph the ENTIRE family!  I think Mike and Caryn were a little bit jealous of how much fun the kids had last year at their session.  They wanted in on the action too.  Who could blame them!

Let me start with Matthew!  I set aside a special session all for him.  I mean, how could I not?  Look at his roley-poley baby loveliness!

And his eyes!  My goodness!  When I created these photos Matthew was just about 3 months old.  3 month olds are so sweet!  They are happy, alert, and even full of smiles.  He had all of that going on!  But it was the beautiful blue eyes that just captured my heart!

A week or two later Caryn and Mike corralled the whole gang together and we met up once again at Hubbard Park so that we could capture everyone together!  This year, unlike last year, it was sunny and pleasant!  And the kids were just awesome, of course!  We decided to start the session with what is probably the most difficult photograph to capture…. the WHOLE FAMILY!  I admit, I get rather anxious and sweaty for these whole family shoots!  Four children and and two parents!  Yes that is a lot to manage!  But I think we pulled it off rather nicely!

Next on the list, some photos of all four children, together, smiling.  And hopefully not just that CHEESE smile but a real HAPPY smile!  That’s the tricky part.  These days we take so many photos of children that they put this funny fake smile on whenever a camera is near by.  It is my mission to try my best to get REAL smiles.  What does this entail?  Making an utter FOOL of myself!  I laugh, I cry, I fall over, I make bizarre noises!  You name it, I’ll try it.  Here were some of my favorites.

Once all of this was out of the way I was free to get down and have some fun with each cutie pie all by themselves!

And finally, near the end of the session we squeezed in a little time for Mike and Caryn together.  Can I tell you something about these two?  They are just the most in love couple I’ve met in quite some time. And that says a lot because I happen to be blessed enough to photograph a lot of engaged couples or couples on their wedding day.  I just love how these two love one another.  It is a great example for the rest of the world.

Until next year guys!  It was awesome and I am so thankful for the chance to do it!

To see more of Caryn, Mike, and the Whole Gang please click the slideshow below!  To see more of Matthew’s special session click on the slideshow below that!


Let Them Be Little! Mr. Matthew!

Would you just look at this little bundle of LOVE!  Is he not just the sweetest thing ever?  And I got to photograph him!  Yep! I’m certainly privileged!  And can I tell you something?  This little guy had to be one of the happiest babies I’ve ever had the honor to photograph.  I’m sure it helps that his parents Caryn and Mike are just some of the coolest people ever! His two big sisters and his big brother rock too! I am blessed to count them among my friends.

So today I am extra lucky as I get to kill 2 birds with one stone so to speak.  I am giving Caryn a little sneak peak of her handsome guy and since this photo absolutely screams out for the I Heart Faces photo challenge of the week (Let Them Be Little) I thought I would go ahead and enter it for that as well.

Happy Monday!  I hope every has a truly enjoyable week!  Thanks for looking and thank you even more for leaving a comment.