The Sherman Family!

You all just have to check out this absolutely adorable family that I recently had the absolute pleasure to photograph!  The Mom, Cari and I go way back.  I am rather lucky to count myself as one of her friends.  We enjoyed some good times back in the day, the high school days that is!  I recently got a invitation to our 15th high school reunion!  Cari, are you feeling old yet? I sure am!  I remember Cari as being a talented swimmer and diver.  Truth be told I was rather envious of her skills.  She was grace, I was flopping fish.  Those were the days! Our friendship is one of the Facebook stories.  We lost touch for quite a long time and Facebook brought us back together.  Turns out we both moved a whopping 5 or so miles to the next town over.  Who would have thunk it?

Cari is blessed with a very sweet husband and two precious sweet little girls.  Let me share our session with you!

Emma! Such a spunky gal! I loved her zest for life and her sense of adventure.  Like most kiddos her age she kept me on my toes.  She was fantastic working for the camera.

Sweet Emma was recently given a very important responsibility! Just a few months ago she became a BIG SISTER! I love the look on Emma’s face in this shot.  She looks so in love.

Sweet baby Kiera.  Can you believe it? At 3 months old she not only slept through a lot of her session but she even allowed me to pose her just a bit.  What a treat.  She was just the most precious baby.  Made me wistful for the days when my own baby girls was that small.

Cari it was a pleasure!  You guys rock!  I hope you enjoy your photos as much as I enjoyed creating them.

To see more of the Sherman Family please view the slideshow below.



Norah is 6 Months Old!

Can you believe Norah is 6 months old already!  What a cutie she is!  I recently had the opportunity to capture this precious time for her very sweet Mommy at a local park.  I was just mesmerized by the sweet, dark, and beautiful eyes.  And that spunky personality! She reminded me very much of my own baby girl.  I saw quite a few expressions that brought me straight to my own daughter in my mind.

She was just a RIOT!  She totally had her own agenda and we were completely interrupting her.  On Norah’s list of things to do… grab the tree branches, dig up the grass, and eat the blanket. 

Luckily she took me and my camera in stride.   My heart melted each time her gaze met my lens.  I secretly wondered if someone was already teaching her how to “work it” for the camera.  Or maybe she’s just already figured out that cuteness will get her very far in life!


So there you have it!  Another successful and absolutely fun shoot with the sweet little Norah.  With any luck she’ll grace my camera lens and my blog again around the time she turns 9 months old.  Let’s hope that doesn’t come too fast, for her Mommy’s sake.


To see more of Norah’s session please check out the slideshow below!  Thank you!

Miss N is 3 Months Old Already! Can you believe it? | CT Children’s Photographer

Guess what! I had the pleasure of photographing sweet little Miss N again!  How blessed am I?  And man has she grown from her fabulous fleeting newborn days!  Just in case you missed those photos the first time around please feel free to click here and to view them now.  Just be prepared for your heart to melt!

What a difference a few months makes.  Not only is baby N now awake, alert, and very engaged in her surroundings… all of which makes for some precious photography.  But it is now SPRING!  Last time there was literally 4 or 5 feet of snow blanketing the ground.  This time we were able to venture outside and take advantage of some warm weather and beautiful surroundings.


What a riot she was.  She has recently discovered her tongue.  So we had plenty of silly moments to capture.



And can we all just oh and ah over how GORGEOUS Annie looks?  This is NOT a Momma who just had a baby 3 months ago!  I was so glad she let me take a few of her as well.  She’s just too beautiful not to.


Thank you Annie for sharing your sweet baby girl with me again!  You guys are just awesome!  To see more of Miss N’s session please view the slideshow below.



A Newborn Family Album! | CT Newborn & Family Photographer

Happy Wednesday!  What a week this is turning out to be! Let me tell you craziness abounds!  Our household has faced a stomach bug, a cold, relentless allergies, a field mouse, mountains of laundry, sleep deprivation, and complete craziness!  Oh and did I mention my husband is still in a cast!  That’s life in the fast lane I guess! I have to say that yesterday was a total blast!  I hosted my first giveaway here on the blog and the response was overwhelming!  I am giving away stuff I love and you have the chance to win a gift certificate to the Etsy shop Gorgeous & Company .  You all must love her stuff too because you are entering in DROVES!  You can still get in on the fun!  Just click here to view yesterday’s blog post for the details.

Alright! Enough of that!  I have a new session to share with you today!  And what a session it was!  I always tend to gush over my clients.  My business has led me to meet the most amazing, sweet, and generous people.  I am blessed immensely by each and every one of them!  Since I am a custom photographer I usually only do one session in a day and this gives me the opportunity to really be relaxed and get to know my clients.  By the time all is said and done and all of the photos and products are delivered we become friends!  I recently shared with you the maternity session of Heather and Her Husband John.  I titled it Gorgeous is an Understatement. You all must have agreed because that session has become one of my top viewed sessions of all times!

Well Heather had the precious baby she was carrying the day I took those photos!  A healthy happy baby girl!  It was exciting to get the call to come back and photograph her newborn photos.  Their sweet daughter was a precious sight to behold.  She was just so sweet and so cuddly.  She performed like a champ for her photos and I was able to create some of my best newborn shots ever.

Heather and John were so thrilled with the results of their session that they asked me to create an album for them.  So I thought I’d spice things up a bit with this post and share the pages from that album.  Notice this family decided to mix in some of their maternity photos as well.  They are such a beautiful family!  It made the whole process very simple.  I love how the pages came together and I hope you do too!


This is the opening page.  Please note I removed details to protect my clients privacy.



Each image here represents a double page spread.  So you are looking at these photos as if the album were laying open on your lap.




I love to create pages with one photo that fills the entire page.  These ones are always stunning!








So there you have it!  A custom album by Crystal Starr.  Thank you so much for looking! Have a fabulous Wednesday everyone and don’t forget about my giveaway here!

I Heart Faces Photography Challenge! Motherhood! | CT Newborn & Family Photographer

Happy Mother’s Day!  In honor of Mother’s day the I Heart Faces Photo challenge this week features motherhood!  I seriously debated trying to take a self-portrait with one or more of my children for this one.  But I have yet to master the art of the self-portrait and adding children into the mix…. nah!  Besides I needed a haircut!  But that does give me an idea!  If I want to stretch myself I need to try new things.  Perhaps you’ll see a self-portrait around here sometime in the future.  I did get my haircut late yesterday after all!

My photo for this challenge is of my dear friend Annie and her sweet baby!  I had the privilege of photographing them just last week.  This is a little sneak peak of the session.  Nothing says motherhood to me like a Momma soothing her sweet fussy little one.  That is exactly what Annie is doing right here in this photo.

Happy mother’s day to all the mom’s in the world.  Every single one of us deserves today’s recognition!  Especially my own mother!  She’s one in a million and I’m incredibly grateful God picked her just for me.  I don’t know what I’d ever do without her!

Have a great Sunday!

Little Miss N! | CT Newborn Photographer

Let me tell you a little story about my client and friend Annie.  It is a story I’ll probably never forget.  Back in my former life I worked as a preschool special education teacher.  Now I’m sure that doesn’t sound too difficult to most.  I mean, how difficult could it be to teach a bunch of three and four year olds right?  Well, in a lot of ways you’d be right.  There was just one thing… it seemed I specialized in children with pretty severe behavior problems.  I didn’t mean to specialize in that sort of child.  It was just that I happened to be pretty good with those kids and they always seemed to find me.

It was a curse and a blessing all at the same.  I loved those kids.  The bigger the challenge the more my heart reached out to them.  But the bigger the challenge the more often I found myself ducking and covering.  I’ve been scratched, kicked, and bitten.  I’ve had computers flung at me and chairs crashed down over my back.  And sometimes those felt like the good days.

Nearly six years when I was pregnant with my first son I was still in the classroom.  At the time I had one student in particular who was really special to me.  (Truth be told they were all pretty special in different ways).  Well this one child was having a particularly difficult day.  I had spent a good half hour trying to settle him down (while dodging books and other hard flying objects) when he decided to bolt from the classroom.  I had no choice but to run after him.  So run I did.  Let me tell you, running at that point in my pregnancy was no easy task.

I did manage to catch up with this little munchkin and even get him settled down.  However, he was determined NOT to return to the classroom.  That is when my friend Annie appeared.  This fabulous lady had a class of her own students to teach.  She had her own long list of things to get done.  She had her own bucket load of student problems to contend with.  But none of that mattered to her in that moment of time.  Annie stopped and helped me get my wayward student back to class.  She took all the time in the world to make it happen.  In that moment I’m really not sure what I would have done without her.  It was a special sort of kindness that I’ll never forget.

That student ended up moving on and becoming one of Annie’s students.  I’ve been able to keep distant tabs on him over the years and I hear he is really doing quite well.  That thrills me!  I know he moved on to very capable and talented hands.

Fast forward to today.  Annie is now starting her own family!  How absolutely wonderful for her!  We’ve been Facebook buddies for a while and when I got a message from her requesting information on newborn sessions I coundn’t help but give a little shout of joy.  I was THRILLED to have the opportunity and totally honored that she thought of me.

When the day finally arrived I had the opportunity to meet Annie’s husband and mother.  What sweet people!  They were such an easy going family to work with.  Photographing a newborn can take quite a bit of time and patience.  Newborns are often not the most cooperative of little people.  They often have their own agendas.  I was so grateful to Annie and her family who allowed me to take my time and wait until we could have things just right.  They were so gracious when I invaded their home with all of my gear, backdrop stands, blankets, and equipment.  It was a fantastic session and I was able to create photos I knew she’d be proud of.

And my sweet N!  What a doll!  Is she just no the most absolutely precious thing you have ever seen!  She had such beautiful big eyes.  She was so alert at times!  She delighted in checking out all the new things in her little world.  To top it off, she didn’t seem to mind much when I had my big black camera pointed right in her sweet little face.  She even managed to sleep peacefully in spurts just long enough to capture some really fantastic shots.  What a little trooper!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  I consider it a true honor and blessing when I am invited into a family’s home and asked to capture such special sweet times.  It is a gift to do and I take it very seriously.  I hope you enjoy Little Miss N as much I did!

Thanks again Annie for being there for me all those years ago and thinking of me today to photograph your sweet baby girl.


Welcome to the World Baby E! CT Newborn Photographer

It truly is a small world after all!  No seriously!  It isn’t just a song it is the truth!  A couple of years ago when I was working as an education consultant part-time I was blessed to have a very dear friend Julia care for my boys a couple of hours a week.  Once in a while she had two other sweet children as well.  I know my boys enjoyed the extra playmates.  The arrangement worked very very well.  So well I worked longer than I would have liked in part because my boys loved going to Miss Julia’s so very much!

Fast forward a while and here I am expecting my next bundle of joy and shopping for a new health care practice.  I end up in a  fabulous practice and under the care of a delightful midwife named Amy.  I really enjoyed my visits with her.  I didn’t really care to see anyone else in the practice as Amy was just a phenomenal caregiver.  It turned out that Amy is good friends with my Miss Julia!  And those two other children who Miss Julia cared for from time to time…?  Those were Amy’s little ones!

Wait, there’s more!  Amy is a homeschooling mom!  So we started to bump into one another a different area homeschool events and conferences.  This of course gave us even more opportunity to get to know one another.  I was so honored when Amy contacted me for newborn photos of HER latest addition.  I had no idea what a treat I was in for.

Look at the luscious hair!  No seriously!  Take a look at how absolutely stunning this little baby girl really is!  She was born with enough hair to cover the cue-ball heads of all three of my own children!  I just fell steadfastly in love the moment I laid eyes on this precious baby girl.  She is just the epitome of perfection!

And as expected Amy was a fantastic mom to work with.  She was laid back, easy going, and allowed me to take my time.  Her little baby was quite the star.  She was one of my more cooperative babies to date.  What a great time I had that day.  Thank you Amy for the priviledge of capturing such a sweet time in your baby girl’s life.

Anyone need a great care provider?  I have one to recommend!  And let this be a bit of a reminder.  You just never know, the next person you meet might just turn out to be a great friend!  I don’t believe in coincidences.


FAQ: What is a Gallery Canvas Wrap?

My clients frequently ask me to describe for them what a Gallery Canvas Wrap looks like.  Since a picture is worth a thousand words I thought I’d share a few photos so you can see exactly what I am describing.  I cannot say enough good things about Gallery Canvas Wraps.  They are absolutely positively STUNNING.  They are worth every red cent you spend on one.  I would cover every square inch of wall space in my own home with them if I could afford to.

Canvas wraps are unique in that they arrive ready to hang.  No need to frame these beauties though you absolutely can if you want to.  The image is created on a beautiful quality canvas and stretched over a sturdy and long lasting frame.  The image is glazed to ensure long life and to reduce fading over time.

Canvas wraps take a photo and make it a true work of art.  You paid a premium to have a professional photographer use outstanding equipment and the latest techniques and artistry to create a special piece for you.  Why not showcase it?  Canvas wraps do a fantastic job of doing just that.

When considering an image for a canvas wrap you need to ensure there is ample, and I mean AMPLE room all the way around the main subject of the photograph.  With a gallery canvas wrap the outer edges of the photo truly extend and wrap around the outer frame. Imagine taking a piece of wrapping paper and wrapping it around a gift box.  The sides of the gift box are decorated by the edges of the wrapping paper.  The sides of a gallery wrap are finished (or decorated by) the sides of the photo.  If there isn’t enough room you might have part of someone’s head or a body lost off of the edge.  This is hardly ever attractive.  If you are interested in a package with a gallery wrap then I’d be happy to help you select the best photo from your session.

Now, I’m off to choose a few photos for my own home to have created as gallery wraps.

Baby Olivia & Family! A Newborn and Family Session!

Children are small for only so long.  It’s true.  Everyone says it.  Everyone KNOWS it.  But when you are the parents of small children it is somewhat hard to feel it.  They say the days are long but the years are short.  Blink your eyes and your newborn is a baby, a toddler, a school kid, a teenager.  That is why I delight in the newborn and family sessions.  Your family will only be just like this for an extremely short time.  Capture it before the opportunity passes you by.

This is the family of our great friends Pam and Tony.  I’ve known Nikki since he was just a baby crawling around my living room when his mom dropped him off once or twice a week while she worked part-time.  My husband and I have had the pleasure of watching this family grow along side ours over the last several years.  This fall they introduced their latest addition.  Of course I jumped at the opportunity to photograph her.  This family is notorious for having children with LOTS of hair.  Baby Olivia did not disappoint.

All of their children are just absolutely gorgeous and such sweet kids to work with.  I was totally impressed with how well they did exactly what I asked for.  They were just delightful.  My studio was just filled with giggles.  Lots and lots of giggles.  What could be better?

Thank you Pam and Tony for sharing your family with me. It is always a privilege to capture the early days!

I appreciate readers and adore comments.  Please show your love for this family and leave some words of encouragement!

Thank you!

It Sure Is A Blessing to Give! Or, I’m as good as Jay Harris!

It was fall when I received a message from my friend Jen.  She was planning a human auction to raise money for the new building our church is renovating.  She was looking for talented people to volunteer their time and services.   I automatically assumed she was asking me to help her brainstorm a list of people who ask.  I think I read the message 4 times before I realized she was asking ME to donate my photography skills.  Wait me?  ME? I’m being included in a list of people skilled enough to donate something to auction?  It probably seems ridiculous to some but I couldn’t believe it!

Before you could say boo I started writing an email telling her how excited and honored I’d be to do it.  But then my fingers FROZE!  All the what ifs started flooding my mind.  What if my session went for some piddly amount?  Or worse!  What if no one bid on me?  I’d be hurt and embarrassed!  I had serious doubts about accepting.  But I did, thank goodness I did!

The night of the auction finally came.  I was NERVOUS!  I didn’t want to go.  I didn’t want to witness my own humiliation if I only brought in $10.  I mean, all of my friends were going to be there!  But at the same time, I couldn’t stay home either.  That auction began.  They started with some delicious pies and other baked goodies.  Someone donated dog training services and someone else donated some interior decorating services.  My husband bet on some help from a handyman to do some fix ups around our house.  One of the most exciting items of the evening was a golf game and tour of ESPN with Sports Center Anchor Jay Harris.  Some of the guys were furiously bidding and the excitement was high.  What fun!  Then came my part.  A Session with Crystal Starr Photography.  I told myself I’d be happy if I rounded out at around $75.  A $100 would be wonderful.  The bidding started.  First $25, then $50, and before I knew it we were at $75.  Phew!  I would be embarrassed after all!  But then it just kept going!  And going! And going!  My head was spinning!  How could this be?  People were excited!  A little war was going on between the Pastor of our church and a couple of others.  Can you believe my session went for just as much as the round of golf and a tour of ESPN with Jay Harris!?  I was beside myself!  Pastor Joe won.  He told me his daughter-in-law wanted it and he decided he was going to get it for her.  My heart sang!  Not only did I feel appreciated in my work, but I was able to do something I loved to bring a nice chunk of change to the church.

The session was fantastic.  Jay and Sheena had just had a little baby a few months back.  They wanted photos of her and their nearly two year old Rylin.  Baby Riese was so sweet and tolerated my fussing and my camera like a champ.  Rylin was a doll.  So full of energy and just as curious as any little girl should be.  She kept me on my toes but listened so very well.  Mom and Dad were super.  They kept a very positive attitude and gave me the space to help their children be successful.

I was so blessed with this session.  I hope to have the opportunity to donate my photography to another great cause some day.  I’m not sure I really want to do another auction!  As fun as it was, it was a bit much on my heart!  Thank you Jen for asking me.  Thank to all of those who bid on me.  And thank you to the Jakum family for such a wonderful session!