Emma! Class of 2012

I promised you I’d bring Emma’s entire session to the blog this week and here it is!  I typically only blog 1 session or 1 wedding a week.  I like to spread things out as much as I can. But I could not wait to post Emma’s session.  She is just simply gorgeous and on top of that her super sweet personality just shined during this session.  I dare say this might be one of the best sessions I’ve ever had.  It certainly helped that her Mom was a fantastic assistant and held that reflector and dragged my ladder around all over the place for me.  That made things just that much easier for me.

Seriously, is she not just the prettiest thing?  I feel for her Daddy because he must be beating the boys off with a stick every other day.

Emma has a creative and funky style.  I love the dress she chose for the 2nd outfit of the evening.  It was bold, fun, and definitely eye catching.

She totally rocked it for the camera.  I seriously appreciated the range she gave me.  We had lots of bright happy smiles (that was easy, this girl is always smiling), but she also brought some tender expressions as well.  I couldn’t get enough of that!

The best part! Emma is a passionate athlete.  Her sport of choice is cross country.  I’m totally envious.  I am far from a lover of long distance running.  I’m in awe of anyone who can do it.  Long distance swimming on the other hand, that I enjoyed… back in the day (I’d keel over and go belly up these days).  I was THRILLED when Emma told me she was able to get her track uniform for our session.  I want showcase the passion or talent of senior high schoolers and I felt extra lucky that it was so easy this time.

Thank you Emma for gracing my camera!  You seriously made ME look really really good.

Please do take a moment and show this young lady some love in the comment box below.  I KNOW she’d adore some special comments!

To see more of Emma’s session please click on the slide show below!  Thank you!

Sneak Peak of a Very Special Young Lady! | CT Senior Portrait Photographer

Can I introduce you to the sweetest young lady I think I’ve ever met?  Her name is Emma and she is just a doll.  She babysits for my boys during our weekly Bible study and they just adore her!  ALL of the children do!  Emma is headed into her senior year of high school and she and her mother gave me the honor and priviledge of photographing her at this very fun time in her  life.  The whole session is not quite ready so this sneak peak will have to do.

I love love LOVE the bright pink shirt Emma chose to wear for her shoot.  Bright vivid colors photograph so well!  And it made it perfect for this weeks iheartfaces.com photo challenge.  Happy Monday everyone!  Enjoy the week!