Homeschooling… a thorn and a blessing….

Once upon a time I was a die hard public school teacher.  I taught preschoolers.  My students were either had special needs (autism, speech and language delays, motor delays, over all developmental delays… etc.)  Or they were “at risk” which meant there was something in their lives that could interfere with later school success (English wasn’t their first language, they had violence in the home, they were homeless… etc).  Many of my children had behavioral issues as well.  My classroom was quite the eclectic mix of so many needs jumbled together at once.  I saw school, even for the youngest, as the only answer… the savior… that would make these children’s lives better.


I lasted a entire 6 years as a public school teacher.

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Who am I… at Living Abundantly

Who Am I?


So who is Crystal and why does anyone care?  Hmm… good question.  There are a million and one blogs in the world many of which are written by people who can tell a much more compelling story than I can. Why add another blog to the over-saturated internet world? What good is another voice going to do when so many voices are already drowning each other out? I’ve given that a lot of thought.

I can say this… I do feel called by God to write this blog…..

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I Came…. Announcing a move and my new site

By the end of the year I plan to close down Crystal Starr.  I have a new adventure I’m getting off the ground… take a look.  

I have a brand new blog site Living Abundantly.  I’ve been blogging for years at Crystal Starr.  That was a blog I originally created to support my photography and design business.  As life has taken my many directions over the years that site has served me well.  At this time I have felt called to start fresh with a new title and a fresh direction and voice.  And here we are… Living Abundantly.

The name Living Abundantly came to me after reading this verse from the Bible.



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Review: Beric The Briton from Heirloom Audio Productions


I wish I could start this review with the blare of trumpets.  Why? Because my family has recently had the opportunity review another audio from one of our favorite companies!  We have been blessed with Beric The Briton from Heirloom Audio Productions . We’ve reviewed every single one of Heirloom Audion Productions audio adventures and you can read all about them HERE. Let me tell you, these audios are part of the fabric and culture of our family. These audios are intended for children in the middle elementary grades on up through adult.  Even my husband and I adore them. My children listen to each and every one of them OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER again.  In all sincerity you should really just click on the links and buy all of them right now.  I recommend them THAT HIGHLY.  However, this review is all about about Beric The Briton and so I will tell you all about this amazing story.

First let’s take a look at Heirloom Audio Productions.  Heirloom Audio is a company that is absolutely passionate about history. It is their mission “to engage the listener’s imagination by taking them back in time and immersing them in a great Christian story.”  Each story provides a superb, family friendly product that brings heroes to life that we’d want all of our children to emulate.  They are all men of great character, bravery, loyalty, family, determination, and faith. Based on the stories of G.A. Henty every new release is sure to delight.

Beric The Briton is an action packed 2 hour plus audio adventure that rivals any Hollywood production.  The cast, the acting, the sound effects, the the music, the story… sincerely I’d rather listen to these than go to your typical blockbuster movie. Let me share with you the members of the case, I suspect you’ll see a few names you recognize…

  • Brian Blessed (Star Wars, Tarzan, King Lear)
  • Brian Cox (The Bourne Identity, Braveheart)
  • Tom Baker (Dr. Who)
  • Honeysuckle Weeks (Foyle’s War)
  • Cathy Sara (Downtown Abbey)
  • John Rhys-Davies (The Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones)



This is the story of the Roman invasion of Ancient Britannia.  We meet a young man named Beric who was a Roman hostage for years even before the story begins.  Upon his return home Beric is thrust into leadership of his people and a battle against the Romans.  He is given little time to prepare his men.  Even at a young age Beric shows great wisdom and bravery as he chooses a less orthodox fighting strategy.  He must over come skepticism and long held cultural beliefs in order to teach his men how to win the war.  His best friend Bodouc joins him on this and the rest of adventures as they over come the Roman Empire.  They face love, tragedy, persecution, and so much more.

Beric The Briton Cover Image_zpswtfjirrr

Eventually the story of “Christus” begins to wind its way through the Roman Empire and Beric is faced with some important decisions that are influenced by some extraordinary acts of faith he is forced to witness first hand.  Oh what conversation my children and I had over this section of the audio. I don’t want to spoil the story for you so I will not share the details.  But be prepared… this will challenge not only your children but also you, the adult.

In addition to CD’s we received with the audio stories my family also received to downloadable bonus features.  You can get them too when you purchase the premium buying option.  These include:

  • an MP3 of Beric the Briton
  • a copy of the E-Book
  • Official MP3 Soundtrack
  • Printable Cast Poster
  • A 48-Page Study Guide
  • Printable Inspirational Verse Poster
  • Unlimited Access to the Live the Adventure Website
  • Behind the Scenes Video

All of these bonus items give you the opportunity to bring your family’s listening experience a step deeper.  As a homeschool mom the study guide is a gem.  In it you’ll find questions for each part of the story, definitions, historical background information, and even Bible study resources.

I’ve lost count of how many times my children have listened to already. I wish you could have heard the groans my children uttered when I told they were not to listen to it for the first time through without Mommy!  Not only did I need to listen for this review (and implement some of the things in the study guide) but I sincerely didn’t want to miss out on the fun myself.  The groans were even louder when I would pause the CD for discussion!  Ha! I have a bad habit of doing so right before some great thing is about to happen.  Fun way to torture my children a bit!

All 3 of my oldest children sincerely enjoyed this audio.  My two older boys, (ages 8 and 10) are most able to engage with me in a discussion about what we are listening to but even my six year old is able to follow along and pick up on themes and ideas.  Oh and the mp3s of soundtrack is fantastic!  I’d happily attend a concert just to hear the music.

Alrighty I’m going to wrap up my review here.  I could gush about this all day!  You can also find out more about them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Instagram. Please be sure to check out all that Heirloom Audio Productions has to offer.

If you have experienced other audio adventures from Heirloom Audio please share with me in the comments which ones are your favorites! I’d love to hear about your experiences too.

Beric The Briton Heirloom Audio Productions Review

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Review: ArtAchieve Entire Level I

product image_zpsabnfluqg (1)One of the glorious things about homeschooling is that we have more time for things like art and music.  My experience as a public school teacher showed me that most children only get about 40-50 minutes PERHAPS once a week dedicated to subjects like these.  That wouldn’t be enough for my drawing/art loving children.  However, planning and organizing art lessons on my own can be a bit of a hassle.  That is where programs like ArtAchieve come in.  Recently my family had the opportunity to review the Entire Level I.  Let me tell you about our experiences.

logo-art lessons for kids_zpsxifubids

What Exactly Is ArtAchieve?

ArtAchieve was created by a creative and artistic homeschooling father.  John Hofland has created a program with five levels and several lessons in each level. You can purchase entire levels or individual lessons separately.

The lessons are presented in a video format with Mr. Hofland demonstrating the artistic concept of the lesson.  The lessons can be watched multiple times of course.  My children like to rewind and replay small segments at a time as they try to replicate the teacher’s techniques.

This program incorporates more than simple art technique into the lessons.  Mr. Hofland encompasses art from a variety of cultures into his lessons which adds another layer of learning to the experience.

In Level one your children will create the following art pieces:

  • The Czech Cat
  • The Hungarian Insects
  • The Haitian Gecko
  • The Dragonfly from Ecuador
  • The Chinese Dragon
  • The Owl from Bali
  • The Kitenge Tree Wall Hanging from Tanzania
  • The Plate from Napal
  • Four Suns with Four Faces
  • The Sheep from Wales

Lessons begin with the following choices:


The Power point portion is fantastic.  This is where they children pick up the background and cultural information about the art creation they are about to learn to create. Here are just a few examples of the slides for the Haitian Gecko Drawing.




Also included are directions for a the student to complete a warm up for the project.  You can download and print out the necessary copy pages.



There are so many cross-curriculum an cultural studies that you can complete with this curriculum.  Many activities in many subject areas are provided for you:

  • Science
  • History
  • Geography
  • Writing
  • Literature
  • Music
  • and more

You can see below in my screen shot how the video lessons are displayed.  You can make them full screen.



How We Used ArtAchieve
CSH_0450We began with the first lesson, which is available for free here. That lesson is all about drawing a Czech Cat. We did a little googling on information about the Czech republic.  We also borrowed the musical production of Cats from the library.

That’s generally been the format for us for all of the lessons.  A little googling, a little library research, a fun activity.. but mostly the art.  My children just love the art!

When it came to the art lesson my children are pretty independent with art activities.  I made sure they went through the power point slides and I sat and watched the videos as they drew but I generally let them take the lead.
CSH_0449My boys prefer to leap around so they’ve completed the lessons out of order.  Which with this program works perfectly.  They are very enthusiastic about the art lessons themselves.  So they go ahead and complete lessons when Mom isn’t paying attention.  I’m great with that.  This is a great use of time for them.
CSH_0448As I’ve tried to bring the cross cultural elements into the learning they’ve been glad to repeat lessons for me, usually with renewed enthusiasm and they have acquired some cultural background information from me along the way.CSH_0447

What We Think

Over all my boys love it.  They love anything they can do mostly independently and they love art.  They think the lessons are clear cut and easily understandable.  They enjoy the projects for the most part.  In the beginning they needed to adjust to Mr. Hofland’s low key and calm style.  While I appreciated that right from the beginning they found him to be a bit… “boring” as they said.  They are used to other art sites that are bit more upbeat and exciting.  Over time though I think the calm style drew them in.  They sort of became mesmerized by it.

CSH_0446I of course deeply appreciate the cross-subject learning opportunities. That is a gem in this program.

I’d absolutely recommend this program to anyone who wants to bring some cultural artistic art into their children’s education.

Art Lessons for Children ArtAchieve Review

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Review: Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership from


Our family has recently has the opportunity to review Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership from  I was so excited about this review because I knew right from the start that this resource is a gold mine for all things Notebooking and unit study related.  My only concern about this review is that my words won’t adequately describe just what a smorgasbord that will become available to you when you sign up for your own membership to Notebooking Pages. 


When you visit the website you’ll have 100’s of FREE notebook pages in all kinds of subjects like Art, History, Bible and more.  However once you begin a membership you’ll then have access to THOUSANDS more.  If I had any one criticism (and it isn’t truly) it is that there is so much here I could use this resource alone for homeschooling my children through high school (so for about 16 more years) and I’d never use everything available. Thank goodness for the Easy Start Guide your are provided.

In case you aren’t familiar with Notebooking, it is creatively using handy notebook pages to inspire and record what is learned, often through narration.  While Notebooking children often draw, color, doodle, describe, outline, fill in blanks, sketch, you name it.  We keep all of our print outs in 3 ring binders.  This makes it a snap to organized your studies by by subject or topic or school year.

Let me tell you about just a few of the categories you’ll find inside the membership areas…. Copy work, transportation, sports, scripture and more).  Character and Bible including journaling, and Old and New Testament.  All kinds of famous people from artists, missionaries, musical composers, presidents, etc etc.  There are plenty of fine art pictures studies.  TONS of history from ancient to modern times complete with timelines.  You’ll find Notebooking pages for every Holiday you’ve ever dreamed of.  There is lots of language arts including the copy work and Latin and Greek word studies.  Then there are the science Notebooking pages… Natures, experiments, anatomy, physiology, etc etc. There are country studies, state studies, and geography pages too.

Honestly this list doesn’t do the website justice.  There is SOOO much there that I could spend hundreds of words trying to describe it all.

When you sign up for the Lifetime Membership you’ll gain access to all of the current Notebooking pages, future Notebooking pages, tutorials and videos, for life!

How We Used It

We began with some easy copy work pages.  We love to use copy work for studying scripture or other important documents and resources and for practicing handwriting.  My children prefer this method over handwriting notebooks.  I love the language skills developed through copy work.  

My Ezra (8), is always interested in studying anything geography related so he asked me to print the country pages.  Together we dug up books at the library to use as resources to fill the pages.  He learned so much and it is so very stress free.

Joyanna (6) enjoyed the art picture studies.  She did a lot of dictating for me in order to complete those pages.  

Another of our favorite notebooks we worked on during this review was the Plants & Tree Nature Study.  I printed the 55+ pages and stuck them into a binder to take with us on a camping trip.  What better place to study streets and plants right?  Actually the Plants & Trees Study is just one fraction of a whole category on nature studies.  I could have printed out over 1,000 pages covering every area of nature.  

Over the course of our trip we went hiking several times and each time we brought along our Nature Notebook, a bag of colored pencils, and a plant and tree field guide.  Following the pages in the notebook was easy.  A lot of information was already provided for us.  Inside we found pages that labeled the parts of a tree, various types of leaves, and so much more.  We compared the information to our field guide and it was always accurate.  I challenged my children to memorize at least a few facts in each area as we colored and labeled and collected specimens.  Later, back at our campsite, they wrote in narration form what they remembered.  Over all this was a lot of fun.  We all learned so much together.  Best of all they remember what they learned! 

What We Think

If I haven’t made it clear already we LOVE this resource.  It is phenomenal.  There is just too much there to describe.  I think this resource is a must for every homeschooler.  The pages are all simple yet beautiful and completely open ended.  Every study can go as deep as the learner would like.  I can’t think of an easier method for following a child’s interest and ability.  You just can’t go wrong with this website.  

Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership Reviews

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How Homeschooling Changed Me as a Parent

HomeschoolingChangedMeI believe homeschooling can bring out the best in me as a mother and I’m ashamed to admit that it can bring out the worst in me as well.  Yet as I grow with my children homeschooling them brings me great joy and yes, heartache too.  Parenting changes a person and I believe being a homeschooling parent changes a person even more.

  1. Homeschooling has made me grow a thick skin! Homeschooling becomes more common by the day but it is still something of a fringe movement. I’ve learned to love living outside the box. Us homeschoolers march to the beat of a different drum.  There is bound to be someone in your life that disagrees with your choices.  We have to just not give a hoot and keep on keeping on. I only need the approval of the One who called me to this task and He is my God.
  2. Being a homeschooling parent has forced me to learn self-control, discipline, and the holy grail of all homeschooling mothers… patience.  Alright so I’m far from perfect in any one of these areas.  But I make progress day by day, week by week, year by year.  So can you.
  3. Homeschooling has made me a better, more compassionate person.  I realized very early on my children (and I) truly needed a community of like minded families to walk this journey with us.  So, even though in truth I really prefer solitude and the safety of my own four walls at home, I went out and found our tribe.  That was not easy.  It still isn’t.  However it forced me to invest myself in others and as I did I found that I really truly care about people and I want to be a source of love and encouragement for them.
  4. Homeschooling has made me see just how really big this world of ours is. Oh my goodness is there a lot to learn! Since I began homeschooling my children I’ve come to realize what a rich and diverse community this world is made of.  My world is so much bigger than it ever has been.
  5. My children and I can always keep learning! Us homeschooling parents fear we will some how miss teaching our children some crucial thing that will doom them for life!  Or perhaps we just don’t have the smarts to teach our children everything they need.  I mean, what about calculus (which I flunked in high school)?  In truth the learning will never stop.  They will continue to learn as adults which means, of course, that they will always be able to fill in any gaps.  There is also hope for this mom! I’ll learn with them… yes, even calculus!

I do believe homeschooling my children has made me grow in ways I couldn’t have imagined.  I will never achieve perfection and I will always be a work in progress.  I’m more than okay with that so long as I’m always moving forward.

If you are thinking of homeschooling your children and you have your doubts about yourself, your character, your patience… don’t! Just be open to the idea that you can and will change, likely for the better.


Homeschool Conviction

HomeschoolConvictionI recently had one of those moments of epiphany.  It was like a a huge bomb just went in my brain and I finally understood something I have spent years trying wrap my brain around.  The light bulb over my head was shining brighter than the sun.  It finally occurred to me why I find it hard to relate to or even whole-heartedly fit into so many homeschooling circles… including with some in the very group that I founded and have lead as president for over two years. I assumed it was something about me or my personality that made things not quite right.

Then a couple of weeks ago I was reading the latest edition of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine when I ran across an article by Familyman Todd Wilson.  I love reading his articles even if they are geared towards men.  His straight forward, humorous style, is captivating.  He “gets” this whole homeschooling thing.  You might recognize some of his hilarious homeschooling cartoons from around the web.  Like this one.. which fits me to the letter!…


In his latest article called Dad-Conviction Todd shares an experience his wife had recently.  Because the family travels often for their ministry she had never been too involved in their local homeschool community or co-ops.  She found herself in a time in her life where she wanted to make some connections with local moms who also homeschool.  Off to different homeschool gatherings and events she went, children in tow.  They all came home smiling and reported back to Dad to that they had a great time and that they met some really wonderful people.  In the end, mom confessed  that she didn’t feel quite as over the moon about these new homeschoolers she was meeting as she wanted to be.  Something was just a bit off to her.  She shared with her husband…

“The thing is, they don’t homeschool for the same reasons or convictions that we do.  They seem to homeschool because it’s better than what they experienced in the school system, or out of convenience, or lack of money (for private schools). They homeschool one kid but not the others.  If they think the school is an okay option next year for whatever reason they’ll just switch and do that instead.”

He goes on to say that she perceives most homeschoolers she meets as homeschooling not out of conviction or a calling from God but because it’s the easier thing to do for now.  She worries that when the hard days come (and they will) “the modern day homeschooler will just look for another option to ease the pain.”

Oh my goodness I nearly jumped out of my seat!  I feel exactly like Todd Wilson’s wife!  My family has a deep conviction for homeschooling and it doesn’t seem like many other homeschool families feel the same way.  In a world where I already feel different because of our educational choice I can feel alienated even among those who have made a similar choice.  To talk with other women who don’t carry the same convictions, especially when things get bumpy, can actually be very discouraging.  I recently started such a conversation, or I should say I tried to, and the whole thing spiraled into a discussion about who was planning to send which child into what school next year. And all of the women were congratulating each other for this because they viewed the moms putting their kids in school as doing the hard yet brave thing.  NO! I was screaming inside! Sticking it out and doing what God has called you to do instead of taking the easy way out is the hard and brave thing! I was so disheartened.  It was certainly not the lift-up I personally hoped to find.  I found myself sitting in silence because to say anything to the contrary would have not have been the polite thing to do.

My family’s beliefs about education were born from my own experience as a public school teacher and our own study of scripture.  I saw first hand how absolutely inadequate the modern traditional school system is.  And I write those words with trepidation because I don’t want to seem as if I’m saying anything derogatory about my absolutely phenomenal friends and family still working in the traditional school trenches doing the very best they possibly can.  The fact of the matter is even with the most talented of teachers no school can provide the kind of learning environment that I think every child on this planet deserves.  One that is centered on God’s word, in the context of family, and full of individualization. In fact I do not believe traditional, institutionalized schooling was even God’s plan for children. Over the next month I plan to blog more about what I believe is God’s model for educating children and what I view as the ultimate model of education (an ideal I strive to meet yet will likely always fall short of).

Until then… convicted homeschool moms I’m praying for you that you can find the encouragement you need to run this marathon of educating your own children at home.  And I also pray for the homeschool community as a whole.  I fear if ever we face scrutiny or downright persecution from whatever powers that may be that we all find the strength to stick it out and now be blown away.

Review: Elections Lap-Pak from Home School in the Woods

Elections_Lap-Pak Cover Image_zpszrbqjobd (1)

Unless you live under a rock I’m sure you’ve noticed we are deep into a presidential election year.  By the close of 2016 we will have a new leader for our country.  What better time to study U.S. Elections than right now.  In order to accomplish that study we were recently given the opportunity to review HISTORY Through the Ages Hands-on History Lap-Pak: U.S. Elections from Home School in the Woods.

Before I requested this review I was already very familiar with Home School in the Woods and Amy Pak’s amazing lapbooks and timelines.  I clearly remember the first time I came upon her booth at a homeschooling conference.  I totally squealed out loud and absolutely gushed over all of the beautiful lapbooks and timelines they had on display that I could complete with my children.  I absolutely wanted to buy one of EVERYTHING!  My experience implementing these projects into our homeschool has not been disappointing at all.


The U.S. Elections Lap-Pak is available as either a CD or a download and it is complete with 21 different lap booking projects.  This is a fun, hands on study that encourages children to learn through creative writing, artistic expression, listening skills.  Provided for you is text to read and audio texts for listening, directions for projects, and photos for clarification.

While working through this Lap-Pak your children will learn about such topics as the definition of an election, the different forms of government, the three branches of our government, suffrage, primaries and caucuses, campaigns, the electoral college… and on and on and on.  Confession time! I don’t know much about too many of these topics myself.  I’m just as eager to learn for myself as I am for my children.

There are a number of supplies you’ll need on hand in order to complete all of the projects.

  • cardstock (white and colored)
  • printer paper (white and colored)
  • glue sticks or double sided tape
  • colored pencils
  • scissors
  • brads
  • file folders
  • clear acetate
  • an exacto knife (just for mom)

A good printer is also a must.  These projects do require quite a bit of printing.

How it Works

All of the instructions that are provided are very detailed and easy to follow. There are a lot of parts of pieces to this and everything is so well organized and simple to keep on top of.  There is a single file with all of the directions that I printed and keep handy as we work.  ElectionsLapBook-open3_zpsvy5f9uw1
We are using this product 2-3 times a week.  We complete one or two projects at a time.  Each project typically takes about a half an hour or so to finish.  I play the audio of the reading for my two boys (ages 8 and 10) to listen to and then they work through whatever the assignment is.  They are generally able to complete questions and do writing prompts on there own but I’m right there engaged in the discussion and pointing out key ideas to help them along.  They complete the cutting/coloring/glueing of the projects themselves after some explanation from me.  If there is a picture of the finished project (and there pretty much always is) I’ll show them since the photos are so helpful. We keep all of our completed projects in large ziplock bags for storage until we are ready to put the entire lapbook together.

ElectionsLapBook-open5_zpsj1e1lm6lOne of the thrills for these projects for my boys is the discovery of what the next project will entail.  They love how every project folds, moves, turns, or bends in a new way.  They are very excited to see how the whole final lap book will come together.


When all is completely they will certainly have something special to show for their hard work and something they’ll likely want to share with friends and family. Most importantly we are all gathering a very solid understanding of the U.S. Election process during this most critical year.

U.S. Elections History Lap-Pak Review

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Review: The Nutcracker from Maestro Classics

Maestro Classics_zps27pnhxwlMy boys love to listen to classical music!  They tell me it is pretty, often relaxing, sometimes exciting, and just something different that they enjoy.  An amazing company called Maestro Classics just gave my family that very opportunity when they offered to let us review the The Nutcracker. I knew this was a review I had to be a part of after reviewing Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel and Handel last year.  We loved those titles so much that I went ahead and purchased a few more since.  Maestro Classics has become an integral part of our musical curriculum. 

Maestro Classics is just one of those companies that provides a special product that can add a sweet richness to your family’s learning.  They make life simple for me as a Homeschooling mom as they do all of the work for me.  Their CDs are fantastic and so enriching plus they provide the supplemental materials to dive deeper into your study of music. The show you the history connections, teach you the stories of the composers, they explain the musical instruments and so much more.   These are studies your whole family, young and old, will enjoy doing together.  

The Nutcracker may be just the perfect musical learning experience for your family this upcoming holiday season.

The Nutcracker by Maestro Classics_zpsbe6mbswh

The Nutcracker is a full hour long adaptation of the ballet story of the Nutcracker I grew up enjoying every Christmas season.  Whether the story came to me on video or through some illustrated children’s book I’ve always found the story and the dance to be magical.  I introduced my children to a version of the ballet on video a few years ago and revisiting in has become a holiday tradition for us.  Adding Maestro Classics brings a new element to our tradition. 

In this condensed version of the Nutcracker story about Clara and the Nutcracker Prince plus the Sugar Plum Fairy the scenes come to life your imagination as it is narrated by Jim Weiss and the wonderful music performed by the New York Philharmonic.  The story and classical music seamlessly flow together and the result is exquisite and so much fun to hear.  You will listen to a total of 21 tracks as you move through music from all sections of the ballet.

Along with the CD there is a little activity booklet. Inside you will find the following:

  • an outline of the Nutcracker story
  • a history of ballet
  • some music for the nutcracker
  • the history of the harp
  • some biographical information about Tchaikovsky
  • word scrambles and crossword puzzles

To bring the study even further Maestro Classics even offers a free curriculum to accompany The Nutcracker right on their website.  You can download, print and go. In fact they offer curriculum guides for all of their music CD offerings.  

What Did We Think?

If I haven’t made it clear by now we absolutely adored it.  This one, just like all of our Maestro Classic audio CDs, will be listened again and again and absolutely treasured.  If you are looking for a great educational music experience that ties into the Christmas Season, if you are studying great classical works of music, if you are interested in ballet, or if you are studying Russia then you can get so much use of The Nutcracker.

My family is looking forward to December.  We have plans to cut back on some of our typical homeschooling in order to dive into the unit study guide I spoke of earlier.  It’ll be the perfect time of year for it.

There aren’t enough words to describe just how wonderful any of the Maestro Classics CDs are.  I’ll never regret investing in the ones I’ve purchased and I’m very grateful for the ones, like The Nutcracker that I’ve been given to review. 

Maestro Classics Review

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