Brittany and Tommy! Beach Engagment Session| CT Engagement and Wedding Photographer

It all began with a simple party invitation.  Brittany’s friend was invited to a birthday party and Brittany got roped into tagging along.  Who knew that one night would change the course of her life!  It was just like any other party.  People were hanging out, talking, dancing.  The usual.  Then she spotted this cutie across the room.  They made eye contact and smiled but she didn’t think anything of it.  A few minutes later the cutie made his way over.  He asked her friend if she wanted to dance.  Or at least that’s what Brittany thought.  She began to make her exit to give the cutie and her friend some space.  But wait, what was he saying?  He was asking Brittany to dance with him, not her friend.  She said yes.

That was beginning.  That was how Brittany met Tommy.  After that fateful evening they spent as much time together as possible.  Friend’s hanging out together became opportune times to see each other.  Before anyone knew it they were a couple.  It was as if it meant to be and it always had been that way.  Something remarkable happened between Brittany and Tommy.  Brittany has always held fast to her Christian beliefs and she shared that with Tommy.  Tommy being the perfect gentleman always respected that about her.  In the end Tommy declared his faith in Jesus as well.

Before long Tommy knew it was time.  He’d found the one for him and he wanted her and the world to know it.  So one evening after work he asked her to take a drive.  His buddy had recommended this awesome restaurant and they just had to go check it out!  They climbed in the car and off they went.  Except the restaurant was a lot further away than he led her to believe.  Brittany nodded off and when she opened her eyes she realized they were in Rhode Island!  A whole state away!  Tommy played it cool.  He said he must have just misunderstood what his buddy told him.  Brittany bought it.

They found the quaint little restaurant and much to Tommy’s dismay it looked like a dump!  The outside was just not at all what he had expected.  Brittany was really starting to wonder what exactly her sweetie was thinking dragging her all the way out to Rhode Island for this crazy place.  Thankfully the interior was much better and they did enjoy a fabulous meal.  Afterward Tommy suggested a walk on the beach.  They hopped back in the car and headed for the nearest patch of sand and sea.  The perfect song came on the radio…. “Only You Can Love Me This Way” by Keith Urban.  Brittany cranked it and declared it their song!

Tommy did propose on the beach that day and of course Brittany enthusiastically said yes.  She even stopped a jogger on the beach and asked him to take their picture.  It was a perfect evening.  They are just the absolute sweetest and most perfect couple.

Tommy suggested the beach for their engagement photos. I LOVE LOVE shooting on the beach! Some of the best wedding portraits I ever created took place on the beach.  You can check those out here!  It was a fabulous early April evening.  Though the surf was cold the air was warm.  These two rocked it for the camera!  Of course Tommy could NOT take his eyes off of his bride-to-be.  The way he looked at her…  I’ve seen only a few men look at their loves the way he did.  It really was breath taking.  They are a perfect match.  I have the pleasure of meeting many couples in love.  It is a fabulous perk of my job.  But these two, they have something even above my most loving couples.

Thank you guys for sharing your story and giving me the opportunity to capture your special love.  To see more of Brittany and Tommy’s engagement session please click on the slide show below.


FAQ: What do your spiral bound photobooks look like?

In the past I offered something called a session album as part of a couple of my packages.  I found the description must not be very clear because most of my clients asked me what exactly that was.  So I’ve decided to rename the product. I think Spiral Bound Photobook is a bit more accurate.  It features front and back custom designed sturdy covers.  These books are absolutely adorable and perfect for toting around in your purse and sharing with others.  They make fantastic gifts as well! I feature the 5×7 version in my packages but they also come in 4×6, 5×5, and 8×10.

Since a picture is worth a 1,000 words I thought you’d appreciate a visual of exactly what I am talking about.  I created this album for one of my recent clients.  I was quite pleased with how it turned out.  Of course, I did have a gorgeous model gracing the pages.


Sunset Wedding! Anthony’s Ocean View | CT Wedding Photographer

A couple of weeks ago I had the honor and privileged to photograph Rosalie and Luis with LaViera Photography. What a fantastic day it was.  The weather was just GORGEOUS!  The bride was radiant.  The wedding party was a total blast!  They were up for just about anything and best of all, they were having fun with me and my camera.  This always equates to fabulous, beautiful photos.

As a wedding photographer one of my top goals for the day is to capture the details.  DETAILS DETAILS DETAILS!  I view this as mission critical!  It has been 9 years since my own fabulous wedding day.  All of the details I spent so much time painstakingly choosing have faded from memory.  Photos of them help us remember just how important they were to us.

Rosalie was as adorable as adorable gets!  She was the purse definition of happiness on her wedding day!  Her smile, her spark, her personality!  It spilled over onto everyone around her.  And of course that happiness just made her sparkle.

Did I mention her brides maids?  My goodness what a fun group of girls these were.  They were up for just about anything!  At times they had ME laughing so hard I could barely push the shutter.  I also have to say, they were a very hard working bunch of girls.  They were true maids as they all bent over backwards with such giving spirits to ensure Rosalie had anything and everything she needed on her special day.  I’ve never seen such a group.  It was awe inspiring.

So what about the beach?  The reception was held at the FABULOUS Anthony’s Ocean View.  We arrived just in time to take some spectacular sunset photos.  We were all literally screaming with delight over the photos we were able to create.  I’m not sure I’ve ever had this much fun at the beach!

Silhouettes!  I just LOVE silhouettes!  I might have gotten a bit carried away with these but I was just having way too much fun!

Thank you for an awesome awesome day Rosalie and Luis!  You were tremendous to work with!

What a CRAZY week!

I survived!  I survived the busiest week I’ve had in I don’t know how long!  In the last 7 days I have homeschooled my children, nursed a sick child, completed two private photo sessions, edited one of those sessions, shot 3 sports events and edited all of them.  I also shot a 12 hour wedding and attended a full day workshop on location lighting.  Oh, and I went to church, hosted our bible study, ate, slept, and attempted to keep up with my house, went shopping, and started a new novel.  What a WEEK!  I’m spent!  I couldn’t have done it without my husband.  We more or less switched roles for part of the week.  He became the stay at home parent and I was the one out of the house working.

I’m glad things will be getting back to normal this week.  I missed my babies!  I have to say though that I had the time of my life!  I love what I do and I am so very blessed to do it! I took this photo at Anthony’s Ocean View in New Haven on Friday night.  What a gorgeous location for fabulous bridal portraits.  I’ll share those in a few days!  Have a great week!

The School Year Begins!

September 1st marked a very important milestone.  It is the day my oldest child became eligible to enter kindergarten!  Like every parent I wonder how my baby grew so fast?  Where did the time go?  How could this be true?  Just the idea can bring up so many mixed emotions.  I believe I felt joy, pride, and sorrow all rolled into one.  My stomach ached and my eyes even welled with tears.

Our family celebrated the day in somewhat unconventional way.  Instead of packing a backpack and walking a few blocks over to deposit my child at our local elementary school… we went to the BEACH!  Yep!  You heard it right!  No we didn’t play hooky on the first day.  You have to understand, just about four years ago my husband and I began to feel a gnawing on our hearts.  Something inside told us that our family was destined for a slightly different path.  It became clear to us then that we are to homeschool.  Maybe some day I’ll write a post about exactly how that came to be.

Our reasons for doing so are quite diverse and I could spend days on the subject.  I typically shorten it to this one statement… We believe it is the best thing for OUR family.  Watching my son splash in the water, dig in the sand, and enjoy his brother and family solidified for me that our choice is the right one.  It was such a wonderful day!

Our school year will begin on Tuesday. It is too hot to start this week.  We have a count down marked on our calendar and lots of big plans I’ll blog about later.  But, in the meantime, we work “school” into most everything we do.  This week Ezra has been working on learning to rhyme words and Noah has been diligently practicing writing numbers to 100.

I hope you enjoy my beach collage.  My husband I took these photos with my new trust Nikon Coolpix point and shoot camera.  What a blessing it is not the drag my professional camera everywhere.

Have a great Thursday!  And great big hugs to my mommy friends who sent their children off to school this week.  I think you are stronger than I am!