Time to Start Sharing! A Newborn Session

Ok Folks!

The holidays are over!  Many of my clients asked me not to share their photos until after the Christmas season as many of them wanted to gift their photos to friends and loved ones.  I didn’t want to spoil any surprises so I have not blogged many of my fall sessions.  Well it is time to start!

Today I bring to you the absolute sweetest family.  I was given the honor and privileged of being welcomed into their home when their newest arrival was just 5 days old!  What a doll!  And his big sister cracked me up the entire time.  Big sis is a typical spunky 2 year old with lots to say and lots of love for her baby brother.  We had a ball.

Adam and Lindsay thank you for a great session!

The Eyes Have It! A Family Session at Hubbard Park

Would you just look at these two adorable little boys?  Their eyes are just absolutely amazing!  They just sparkle and radiate!  What a fun session this was!  We arrived at Hubbard park on a clear crisp beautiful autumn day.  The trees were absolutely at their peak of color.  But these two little boys stole the show.  We ran and we laughed.  We climbed and yes, we even splashed in a few puddles.  All in the name of good fun!  It is sessions like these that make this job the best in world.  Thank you so much Kerri!  Your boys were just love and I was privileged to photograph them!

FAQ: What do your spiral bound photobooks look like?

In the past I offered something called a session album as part of a couple of my packages.  I found the description must not be very clear because most of my clients asked me what exactly that was.  So I’ve decided to rename the product. I think Spiral Bound Photobook is a bit more accurate.  It features front and back custom designed sturdy covers.  These books are absolutely adorable and perfect for toting around in your purse and sharing with others.  They make fantastic gifts as well! I feature the 5×7 version in my packages but they also come in 4×6, 5×5, and 8×10.

Since a picture is worth a 1,000 words I thought you’d appreciate a visual of exactly what I am talking about.  I created this album for one of my recent clients.  I was quite pleased with how it turned out.  Of course, I did have a gorgeous model gracing the pages.


Happy Birthday To My Ezra!

Today is a special day!  It is my baby boy Ezra’s THIRD birthday.  Goodness how did that happen!  He really isn’t a baby any more.  You know how it goes.  They just grow too fast!

So let me tell you about Ezra.  He came hollering into the world just before 10pm on October 14th weighing in at a healthy and hefty (no pun intended) 9lbs 2oz!  TWO POUNDS bigger than his big brother was when he was born.  We were blessed with with health and happiness.  He gained weight quickly and easily and all has been well for his entire short little life.

Ezra is definitely my little man.  Early on he seemed to favor men over women and Mommy over almost everyone.  Except for those times when only DADDY would do.  He has always been sweet and loving yet at the same time his emotions can swing large!  If he isn’t happy, boy will you know it.  If he IS happy, boy will you know it!

From the moment he laid eyes on his big brother Noah it was total love and an ultimate bond.  Ezra observed every move Noah made right from the time he was just a little new born.  We used to let Noah ride his bike in the kitchen.  Ezra, at just a couple of months old, would sit in his highchair watching, no studying is a better word, from afar.  But you could tell that he couldn’t wait to be able to do that himself some day.  As Ezra grew he took on the attitude that if his brother could do it he could too.  And you know what, he’s mostly been right.  The brothers are inseparable.

The thing about Ezra that strikes me the most is his total servant’s heart.  That little boy lives to help others, do for others, and make others happy.  He will share his last special treat, pick up a dropped item, and even bring mommy her breakfast when she is busy nursing his baby sister.  It brings Ezra total joy to serve others.  He teaches me a lot every single day!

Love you Ezra!  Mommy couldn’t be more proud!  Happy Birthday sweet cheeks!

Oh, and don’t wish him a happy birthday.  It totally embarrasses him and he hides!

Homeschool Day at the Museum!

Three weeks later and we’re still homeschooling! No I haven’t been driven crazy, nor have I run screaming from my home while pulling my hair out in chunks.  Oh I’m just kidding.  In all seriousness we’ve had a fantastic start to the new school year.  We all have our favorite parts of the day.  I enjoy snuggling on the couch with my crew while reading a classic children’s book.  So far we’ve done short studies on China and France.  Noah truly enjoys the art lessons.  He has learned new drawing techniques and explored new art mediums.  Ezra loves the computer most of all and asks for it immediately after breakfast every day.  I think everyone is thriving on the structure and routine.  They get pretty mad when I refuse to break out the books on Sundays.  Too much!

Tuesday was homeschool day at the Children’s Museum in West Hartford.  We are blessed to have a membership so we go fairly often.  It is a favorite hangout for my small crew.  Ezra enjoys the flight simulator, Noah enjoys… well… I’d say just about everything.  This week the museum hosted a day just for homeschoolers.  Families could register ahead of time for various classes that were offered by some very knowledgeable and skilled instructors.  It was a fantastic day of learning and mingling with other homeschool families.

The highlight of the day must have been the bobcat.  It is ALL Noah has talked about since.  Other than that the big deal was his class on bugs.  Mommy wasn’t aware that parents weren’t allowed to stay in the room during class.  This isn’t a common practice for homeschool classes.  After all, homeschool parents are homeschooling their children for a reason.   But apparently past parents made too much of a ruckus so they aren’t invited any more.  Noah is the kind of kid who likes to know what is going to happen and isn’t fond of surprises.  Well, Mommy leaving was a surprise.  I played it off as really cool and what a big boy and I hit the road… err… the hallway – where I waited for most of the 45 minutes.  He later told me that he was really sad I had to leave but he decided to be brave.  He had his friend Ella for company so I’m sure that helped.  In the end, he was totally proud of himself and so was I!

It really was a great day!  Next week we’ll be heading to an apple orchard!  I’m sure there will be plenty of photos to share!

In the blink of an eye…

Birthdays are approaching, I guess I’m being a bit philosophical about my crew.  Gah!  Time is going by SO FAST!  My precious babies!  In a flash they turn away from babyhood as they seemingly race at break neck speeds down the path of life.  My baby girl, just 3 1/2 months old is already displaying a distinct personality.  And my goodness how she has changed!  From a sweet little bundle to a loud and boisterous package already inflicting her influence on the world.  I turned around just the other day to discover she can GRAB things!  WHEN did THAT happen?

My second bundle of energy, my Ezra.  He is just a few weeks away from celebrating his third birthday.  Up in the air is whether we should have a John Deere or Curious George theme for his party.  What a child he is.  So full of warmth and kindness.  He is always the first to offer a lending hand or a piece of his snack.  But watch out,  he isn’t one to be crossed!

And wasn’t it just yesterday I cradled my first baby boy?  Noah is now on the verge of turning five years old!  What a five years it has been, my goodness!  He is a little man now!  So full of life!  So eager and excited for each and every day.  His nickname is smiley.  It fits him perfectly.

They are my loves.  They are my passion.  They are the source of my inspiration.  I thank God for them.


I love my boys.  They are my pride and joy!  They make each day a grand new adventure.  Their spirit and spunk, their happy dances, their mischief.  It has been absolutely AMAZING to watch them grow together.  They have a relationship like none other I’ve ever had the privilege of witnessing.  They can play together for hours on end dreaming up these intricate imaginary worlds full of fun and creativity.  These days they are into fire fighters.  They’ve managed to dig up books about fire fighters and spend time every day pouring over the photos analyzing every details so they can reenact all of the drama.  Oh, and don’t you dare commit some perceived sin against one brother as the other will be sure to let you know just how wrong you are!  They have no fear over going to bat for one another, ever!

Now please, do NOT get me wrong.  They also FIGHT like siblings too!  They squabble over who will get what color cup or plate at snack time, who will sit in what chair, who had what toy first.. etc. etc.  Oye!  It can be enough to drive a mother MAD!  But at the end of the day none of it matters.  All is forgiven and forgotten for they have a love for one another that I cannot comprehend.

And these days, I get to watch them pour that love over their baby sister.

My Dear Son,

When Mommy sent you up to your room to pick out a pair of shorts and a t-shirt why did you come back down and declare you have no shorts to wear?  Mommy was very confused, you have LOTS of shorts!  Could I really be THAT behind on the laundry?  I figured I had better get busy washing your clothes.  I was happy when you chose to wear the shorts you wore last night for just a couple of hours.

You were set and on your way and I headed upstairs to collect your laundry hamper.  My was I shocked when I walked into your room!  For what I saw was no less than THIRTEEN PAIRS OF CLEAN SHORTS you had obviously tossed out of your drawer and all over the room.  Honey, WHAT EXACTLY WAS WRONG WITH THOSE? AND WHY ON EARTH ARE THEY STREWN ALL OVER YOUR ROOM?

I laughed!  What else was I to do?  Some day when you have grown and moved on in your life.  I’ll miss your shorts on the floor.



PS.  If you ever do that again I’ll….. 😀