Dawn and Nicole… Two Sisters and Their Families!

I get to work with THE BEST clients! Meet Dawn and her sweet sister Nicole… and both of their families!  Oh.. and Grandma TOO!  What a zany and fun filled session.  I laughed the whole time!  I think the results were fabulous! Don’t you?

storyboard-1044 storyboard-1043 storyboard-1041storyboard-1042 storyboard-1040 storyboard-1039 storyboard-1038

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Fontaine Family

This has to be one of the most fun sessions I’ve had in quite a long time!  The Fontaine’s are just an all around sweet, fun, and goofy family.  The goofy leader would certainly be their dad Bill.  I’d certainly call him the instigator of the family!  These guys rocked this session!  We were done in record time and I think the results were awesome!











 It was an honor and a priveldge to work with you guy!  Thank you so much for making me laugh and indulging me in my own silliness!


To see more of the Fontaine Family session please click on the slide show below!

The Santos Family is Back! | CT Family Photography

You may remember this incredible family I was priviledged to photograph back in in 2011. Things have certainly changed for them since then but I’d say one thing is for sure, God has been in control and taking fantastic care of them all of this time.  Take a look at how they are doing now.

storyboard-954 storyboard-955 storyboard-956

The big guy, Eric is entering his last year of highschool.  He is filled with dream of college and the chance to continue to pursue a career in sports management or some related area.  storyboard-957 storyboard-958

The not so little brother Kyle is rocking it as a middle schooler and enjoying every minute!storyboard-959

How about Mom Nancy? She’s doing a phenomenal job doing what she does best.  Being super mom to her wonderful boys. storyboard-960 storyboard-961

Thank you again to the Santos Family for gracing my lens!  It is always such an honor and a pleasure!

Baby Miles is 3 Months Old!

Do you remember Miles?  A few months back he, and his sister, graced my page with their adorable photos!  Miles was just a newborn then.  Now he is back to share with us he sweet little 3 month face.  Ah… doesn’t he look like quite the snuggler!

storyboard-944 storyboard-945 storyboard-946 storyboard-947 storyboard-948

This little guy is destined to be one handsome heartbreaker.  I can’t wait to share his 6 month old photos!  Thank you to his Mom Annie for being such a loyal client!  It’s a blessing to work with her and her family!

To see more of Baby Miles click the slideshow below.


The Gerardo Family! CT Family Photography

Look who is gracing my blog once again!  One of my very favorite families!  Had the opportunity to photograph them back when the littlest, Olivia, was just a newborn!  You can see that session here.  have they grow up or what?



This time we opted for a fun outdoor session.  We were still able to achieve some pretty formal poses yet have fun and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere at the same time.storyboard-825

One of the sweet things about family sessions is when Mom and Day give me the chance to grab a shot of just the two of them.  I know all too well that once the kids come along the parents are often left out of the picture.

These monkeys were a ball of energy.  Smiles abounded the whole time!



Of course I got the all important family shot!  Everyone, together, smiling, and looking!  Mission accomplished!



Thank you to the Gerardo family for a fun afternoon at the park!

To see more of their session please click the slideshow below.

Yes, Even BIG Kids Can Have a Fun Photo Shoot!

Last September one of my bestest friends in the whole world, I call her My Miss Julia… don’t ask… it’s just who she is to me… asked me to do a shoot with her three munchkins.  Ok, wait… 2 of them are anything but munchkins… all grown up now that they are.  But I know in their Momma’s heart they are still babies.  So I can get away with calling them munchkins.  This shoot would be special.  Not only because I love these kids like they are my own.  But most of this family would move 10 plus hours away just a few weeks later.  Moments with all 3 of these kiddo’s together in one place were already dwindling busy schedules being what they are and soon they’d be rare.  Elliott, the oldest has his own apartment,a job, and school so he wouldn’t be moving with them.  Julia asked me to capture them as they are right now. I couldn’t say no.  This is what I do this for.

We didn’t have much time.  Elliott had just a few minutes to spare before he had to jet off to work.  But it didn’t matter.  These three love each other like crazy and they had no problem pouring it on for the camera.  I laughed the whole way… and cried… I knew they were leaving.

I had also been promising little Ella a photo session all of her own.  She finally got her hearts desire.  Oh does she know how to work it for the camera or what?

To My Miss Julia and her beautiful family!  You are missed!  Thank you for the memories!

To see more of Ella, Emma, and Elliott please click the slideshow below.

A Sneaky Peek of a Family Session!

I had the pleasure of photographing this crew of siblings last fall.  But the photos were to be a gift for their father.  So I could not share.  And then.. I FORGOT about them! Shame on me!  I’ll get them up soon! I promise.  But for now, check out this cutie pie… Ella!

Norah is 2! I know! It can’t be!

Two years ago, on a cold winter day, I had the opportunity to photograph one of the sweetest babies ever!  Ok, they are all sweet I know!  Do you remember Norah’s newborn session? Well now she is TWO!  She is also a big sister!  On another cold winters day I went out again and photographed both her and her new brother.  Today I’m giving you a little sneak peak of Norah.  I’ll be sure to share one of her brother too in another day or two.  I know you all want to see the baby!  I won’t leave you hanging for long.  I promise!

So happy Saturday!  If Norah’s smile doesn’t make you smile then I don’t know what will!

Brittany, Tommy, and Baby Noah!

Anyone remember this fabulous couple, Brittany and Tommy, from they engagement session back in 2011?  Well guess what?  They tied the knot and then were blessed with a beautiful bouncing baby boy.

They gave their baby the very best name every by the way.  They named him Noah Thomas… just like my little boy!  How cool is that?

And isn’t he just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?  Look at those gorgeous blue eyes! And that smile! I better hide my Joyanna away, this little guy is sure to be a heart breaker.

What a doll too.  He had to wake up rather early on the day of his session.  It was a bit cool and definitely very damp out.  It had rained buckets the day before.  In fact I went home completely soaked through up to my knees.  I could literally ring my pants out!  But I’d say it was definitely worth it!   Little Noah might be the first baby I ever photographed who didn’t fuss or cry even one time during our entire session!  He was such a good sport!

Thank you guys so much for sharing your family and your amazing little boy with me.  It was such a pleasure!  And congratulations again on your new handsome addition.

To see more of Brittany, Tommy, and Noah’s session please click the slideshow below.


The Dube Family… 2012 | CT Family Photography

Here they are again, The Dube Family! We have Mom and Dad Brian and Jen. And the Kiddos Natalie and Gavin. This year we even managed to grab the family dogs Madison and Kaiden. If you know the Dube’s then you know that their dogs are not just dogs but furbabies. They love those hounds as much as their children. I was delighted to capture a photo including the two of them.

This was the third year in a row that I had the pleasure of working with this family! Each year I marvel at how much Natalie and Gavin have grown. I can’t wait to do it again next year!

Thank you Dube Family for another memorable session.

To see more of the Dube Family please click the slideshow below.