What Is God Really Doing On The Rough Days?

What is God Really Doing On the Rough Days?

It’s was a rough day!  One child was up in the night with a fever.  Another has a pretty bad gash that may need stitches if the bleeding doesn’t stop soon.  The third one was displaying such an attitude that I felt about ready to rip my hair out with him! The washing machine quit working.  There is a huge stack of bills awaiting my attention and stressing me out.  Stomachs are starting to grumble for dinner and I have nothing planned.


I said a prayer… “God if one more thing goes wrong today I think I might just collapse in a heap and cry my eyeballs out until someone rescues me!”  That is when my husband texted to say he will be working later than planned. I sat down with a thump on the couch to catch my breath.  “God, what are you doing here? Why are you making it all so hard?”  I felt very alone.

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