Review: 2 Games from USAopoly, Tapple and Wonky

USAopoly Logo_zpsvacabughI believe a lot can be learned through board games.  Every game presents a different set of skills to be learned.  Anything from math, to reading, to problem solving, to strategy.  I love to add games to our day to build skills and add a lot of fun and laughter.  When my family was given the opportunity to review  Tapple: Fast Word Fun for Everyone and Wonky: The Crazy Cubes Card Game from 

Tapple20Fast20Word20Fun20for20Everyone_zpsvdov2ssbTapple is an exciting word game that had everyone in my house shouting, laughing, and jumping up and down.  This game is for anyone ages 8 and above and should be played with at least 2 players.

The game is very straight forward with simple and easy to understand rules.  There is a stack of double sides cards.  Every card has 4 categories on it.  On one side you’ll find  red and yellow categories which represent more challenging topics.  The white and blue side represents easier topic that might be more suitable for a younger player.DSC00465

The first player to go chooses a card and topic on the card.  He or she then hits the red button in the center of the wheel starting a 10 second timer.  The player has 10 seconds to push a letter button and name something that begins with that letter that is related to the category.  For example, when given the category “Musicians or Musical Groups” my son hit the C button and hollered Clint Black! The player then hits the red button restarting the 10 second timer for the next player.  If a player is unable to come up with an answer before the timer dings he/she is out for that round.  The last person still playing earns the category card.  Another player chooses another card and game play begins again with all players.  The first person to earn 3 cards is the winner.

DSC00468This game is exciting.  It is fast paced.  It brings out a lot of thinking skills.  As the letters are pushed down that letter can’t be used by another player.  This means as the game goes things get trickier.  You might have to get creative with your answers.  For example, if you are given the category of Vehicle you could name vehicles or you could choose words related to a vehicle, like Junker.DSC00469

We love this game.  Absolutely LOVE IT!  You do need a couple of AA batteries to play.  I like that there is a little holder for the cards on the backside of the wheel.  It just simplifies cleanup and storage.  This game really gets the brain firing.  Speed, memory, recall, and letter sounds are very important.  If you like raucous games this one is for you.


7f2320bd-adf9-4756-af54-cf401fc4accf_zpsjoviqjqrWonky is a totally different game that involves strategizing, problem solving, and fine motor skills.  It is a card game and tower building game in one.  This game is also meant for ages 8 and older although with a bit of help my 5 year old was able to participate as well.  Wonky also requires at least two players.DSC00470

To play the game every player is dealt 7 cards.  Upon their turn the player chooses a card to play.  Each card displays the directions for adding 1 cube of a certain size and/or color to the tower. Every cube is a little bit “Wonky” as a couple of the sides have a curve to them.  This means when you stack them it is highly likely the tower will fall.  The goal is to choose a card that allows you to play a cube that will stand steady for you but make things difficult when your opponents add their cubes.  If the tower falls on your turn you’ll need to pick up 3 cards.  The object of the game is to use up all of your cards first.

DSC00473This game builds a lot of anticipation.  My children were bouncing up and down waiting to see if the tower would teeter.  It took a few rounds of the game for them to pick up on the idea that they could choose to play cards that made things tricky for others, upping their chance of winning.  Once they did figure the game went from something of a puzzle game to fierce competition.  The laughs never stopped though.DSC00475

I appreciate how this game came with a handy carrying bag.  All of the blocks, cards, and directions fit well inside.  This makes this game pretty portable.  I do believe we’ll be taking this one with us on an up coming trip.  It’ll be a great way to pass the time in the hotel room as we wait until it is time to head out some place.

Over All!

We really enjoyed both of these games.  They are simple but absolutely engaging, challenging, and fun.  They are perfect for game night, a rainy day, or when a break is needed from the school work.  They’d make fantastic Christmas or birthday presents for anyone who enjoys games.  These two are definitely winners.

 USAopoly Review
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