Live Today! Lesson’s Learned In Changes of Life’s Seasons


Our family is in a readjustment phase.  My husband has been gloriously blessed with a new job that so far, after 2 weeks, he seems to adore.  Unfortunately the downside of his new gig is his new schedule.  He is not home nearly as much as we were used to.  Over the past couple of weeks as we’ve made our adjustments I’ve learned a few lessons.

  • I have to plan!  I HATE to plan!  I’d rather just go with the flow and relax.  You know the old saying… “Failing to plan means planning to fail.”  Yeah… I get it!  Without a solid plan in place for each week we end up in chaos.  Meal planning, chore planning, schedule planning, homeschool planning… at least for the time being I feel like almost every detail of our lives has to be planned!
  • I hate 5am but I need that time more than EVER!  Yes, I’m back to waking up before the birds! I hate it!  I thought I left the working world in order to avoid it.  But it works.  I get some time with hubby before he leaves for the day.  I get some reading and prayer time in.  I get my PLAN for the day finalized.  Those hours before my children rise are a gift.  It is worth the sacrifice.
  • I LOVE my crockpot!  Meals made ahead of time, hot and ready to serve despite a time crunch?  Yep, the crockpot is God’s gift to me right now.
  • Maybe cooking isn’t so bad!  My hubby is our chef and our 6 year old is following in Daddy’s footsteps.  I have always really loathed cooking.  Too stressful and too messy! These days though, with a plan… a crockpot… and a little time to think about it… I might just come to like cooking.  At least a little bit.
  • My kids really are amazing helpers.  I sort of think of myself as an orchestra conductor.  I get the whole shebang going and keeping us moving but it is my kiddo’s that really do the work.  They are such a blessing to me.
  • I need Christ more than ever!  I need to lean on Him and draw my strength for my Lord.  If I try to do this all alone though my own power, I will fail.

What is my point?  Why am I sharing this with all of you?  Because I want to inspire you!  I can do more than I ever thought I was capable of and so can my children!  It isn’t all sunshine and roses.  Yes I’ve lost my temper more than a few times this week. My three year old had her share of blood curdling temper tantrums.  My 8 year old gave me his best anti-math tantrum!  Yes, I even had harsh words with my husband. Surely I’m incredibly exhausted.  I did fall asleep at 8pm the other night.  Over all though… I can do this!  I’m very proud of my family right now.  Somehow over the last two weeks we have grown closer to one another and closer to God.

Most importantly, I’m learning that I need to Live for TODAY!

Yes I’m planning planning planning to make every day go as smoothly as I can.  It is in those plans that I am learning to truly love and enjoy each moment with my children (well, maybe not the tantrums) and my husband.  I never know God’s plans for me.  I want to enjoy his blessings as I travel the road.

Now, off to plan NEXT week!


Veggie Fajita’s From the Crockpot!

Our homelife is in a state of transition right now.  My husband, who honestly does most of the cooking, just accepted a new job that requires him to work later than we are used to.  This means I’ve got to get into the kitchen more often.  That’d be all well and good, except I don’t always have the time!  Quite simply there just aren’t always enough minutes in between the kid’s evening activities to COOK a real meal!  But I refuse to give up our family meals and healthy dishes.  So I’ve decided to become better acquainted with our crockpot, which has sat largely unused since we gave up meat.


Last night I tried veggie fajitas.  I got the idea from a blog called The Pieper Life but the general idea is very simple. Chop up your veggies, add your spices, spray the pot with a little oil and cook on low for 4 hours.  The results were fantastic!  Yes, even my children enjoyed our dinner.  It worked perfectly too as I was able to walk in from one activity, dish out the food to eat up, toss everything in the dishwasher and race off to the next activity.  Plus I have leftovers for lunch later in the week.

So I’m on the hunt for plant-based crockpot recipes!  Anyone have any links to share with me?


Have You Ever Thought of Cloth Diapering? Guest Post at Purposeful Homemaking!

It was about 7 years ago when I started contemplating whether or not we would cloth diaper. They are certainly environmentally friendly and after all, are very cute. Despite the fact that the initial investment can be rather pricey, they actually save a bundle of money over the long run!  It’s a win/win all the way around!  Well, except for the fact that I’d have to wash them.  Now that did not seem like a very happy chore at all.  But I’ll get into that.

Cloth diapering my 3 children was one of the better decisions I’ve made.  If you want to learn more about exactly how that is done check out my guest post on how to cloth diaper at Purposeful Homemaking.

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Rediscovering Homemaking at Purposeful Homemaking Blog

I lived in a clean, well cared for home as a child. My mother did absolutely everything. Ok, not everything. I did have my own assigned chores. I was responsible for at least my own laundry, running the dishwasher, picking up anything out of place around the house, and vacuuming.

When I grew older and had a job of my own, I learned to iron my uniform and anything else I wanted wrinkle free. I’m pretty sure I had to do some routine bathroom cleaning as well.

It all had to be done before my mother came home from work. She often worked two jobs to make ends meet.

I frequently had all evening to finish my chores. Being a typical kid, I always waited until the last moment to get my stuff done. I usually finished just as she pulled into the driveway. That drove her nuts! But I got it done before she got home…right?

These few chores I learned to do, I learned to do them pretty well…..

Becky Zale of Purposeful Homemaking Has a great mini-series of blog posts by a variety of writers on her blog this week. I suggest you check them out. To read the rest of my article click on the image!

The Accidental Homemaker… My First Post at Purposeful Homemaking

Me, a Happy Homemaker?  How on earth did I get here?

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The absolute last thing on earth I ever thought I’d be is a homemaker.
The last thing I ever thought I’d WANT to be is a homemaker.  Some mornings I wake up and I think I must still be sleeping since this has to be a very bizarre dream. How did I end up here anyway?

When I was a child I never knew anyone who stayed at home to take care of their children, their husband, and their home.

I sit here right now scratching my head trying to think of anyone, anyone at all!  Even my friends’ moms.  Not one comes to mind. In my world EVERYONE went to work every single day no matter what. The only exception to that rule was my grandmother.  I was blessed to be able to stay with her while my mother worked and I wasn’t in school.  That only happened because she collected social security disability ever since the debilitating brain tumor and surgery she had when I was a little girl.  I honestly didn’t think anyone stayed home.  Homemakers were a figment of TV fiction.

I recently accepted a contributing writer’s spot at Purposeful Homemaking.  It is a wonderful Christ centered blog that celebrates the roll of wife and mother.  You can read the rest of my first piece on how I became an Accidental Homemaker here.  Leave a comment and let us know you dropped by.  Be sure to check back next month when I share some of my bumbles, mishaps, and catastrophes as I learned all things domestic.
Happy Monday!