Loves… & Well… Not So Loves!

It’s Friday!  You know, that day everyone races to get to every week!  That day when everyone can party because the weekend is here!  So congrats everyone you made it!  Since it is Friday I think it is a good time to look back and reflect on my week.  What Rocked and what just didn’t! I’ll start with the didn’t so I can end on a high note.



Hmm… funny thing is.  I had a pretty amazing week so this is actually hard.  Let’s see…  Ah! I got it!

  • Repairmen!  I had a couple of them here this week.  I’m sure you’ll all agree that any time you have to have repairs done to your home, it is a NOT SO LOVE!  Especially that part where you have to hand the big fat check over!
  • Japan!  The sadness, the devastation, and the ongoing nuclear crisis.  There is NOTHING to love about that!  God I pray for those people.  I feel so helpless.
  • Diaper rash! My moms out there, they know.  There is NOTHING to love about diaper rash.  My poor baby girl!


I think there could be a lot of these this week!

  • I LOVE that I got to hear Jasmine Star and Justin & Mary speak at CT PPA on Monday!
  • I love the new friends I made that day.
  • I LOVE the big fat check our insurance company wrote to us to help us pay for the repairs to our house (a not so love might be the fact that we couldn’t cash that check because it was made out wrong! UGH!)  But really, thank you God!
  • I LOVE my husband who played mommy on Monday so I could go off and do my thing!  He’s awesome!
  • I LOVE the session and wedding inquiries I received this week.  Cross your fingers and pray they pan out.
  • I LOVE that I get to take my family on a fun field trip to check out how they make maple syrup later today.  Even Daddy gets to go! On top of that, we get to hang out with some pretty awesome friends.
  • I LOVE how God is blessing me!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Oh, and because no post is complete without a photo!  Here is a LOVE photo from this week!  My two younger children horsing around.  I LOVE how much Joyanna’s brothers love her!

Confessions of a Groupie! My visit with Jasmine Star

It is time to come clean!  It is time to admit this to myself and the world!  They say confession cleanses the soul.  So here it is.  I am a groupie.  There, I said it!  I AM A GROUPIE!  Do I need to climb a tall building and scream it from the rooftop?  Ok, maybe that is extreme.  Let me back track.

On Monday I found myself sitting in a rather dark and hot ballroom at a local hotel.  I was surrounded by a hundred or so people who, despite it being only noon time, were already wilting.  We were all at a conference for photographers.  The morning session was amazing.  Justin & Mary Marantz, two local wedding photographers, had rocked the house with their presentation.  Everyone’s head was spinning as they all contemplated how to incorporate what they had learned into their own businesses.  It was wonderful yet exhausting.  But there was more to come.

That morning I had befriended a few other photographers.  A few other ladies who were all their for the same reason.  To learn more, to grow, to expand, to become the best photographer/business owners/people they could be.  We had swapped notes, stories, and ideas all through lunch.  My brain was full.  My heart swelled.  I really hadn’t expected to make friends that day and was amazed by the open and gracious attitudes of those I met.  But the best was yet to come.


my new friends

She walked up to the front of the room.  Jasmine Star.  The woman who has played a key role in the last 6 months or so in my business and in some ways my life.  I feel drawn to this woman because she reminds me of me.  Like me, she started in the world of photography when she realized she wasn’t fulfilled by the path she was on.  She faced challenges, criticism, and even some self doubting demons, just like me.  And just like me, she walked into a world with INSANE competition.  And she has rocked that world.  5 years later she is at the top of her field (though some curmudgeons would like to knock her down) and living a dream come true.  If she can do this, so can I!  I want to rock that world too.

So how did I come to know Jasmine Star?  Well, “know her” is relative here.  Until this day I had never spoken to her directly.  But this is how it happened.  This woman had the kahunas to shoot a wedding, LIVE with a production company called Creative Live and broadcast it all over the world.  (did I just use the word kahunas in blog post.. I guess i did)  I watched every last moment of the long weekend where she unabashedly shared every last detail of what she does, the good and the ugly.  Her personality was infectious.  That weekend she shared her successes, her struggles and her tears.  She alluded to some of the criticism some in the industry doused her with.  I saw me in her.  I saw hope that I can build myself as a photographer, a businesswoman, and yes even as a better person.

So there I sat.  In a room full of other photographers, hot, tired, and suffering from a mushy brain.  But it didn’t matter.  I had come to learn from someone I have followed closely for the last 6 months.  And learn I did.  The brain mush fell away and I gained a second wind.  I jotted down notes.  I asked myself questions.  And I came away with a new plan, a new hope, and a better path.

At the end of the presentation a lined form.  Everyone wanted to say hello.  I was no different.  I handed my camera to one of my new friends as I reached out to shake Jasmine’s hand.  And… ok, I was a bit “Star struck.”  You know that moment when you finally meet someone  you have wanted to meet forever.  Tongue tied I was.  What do I say?  So I just said thank you.  Thank you Jasmine Star because without you, I might have given up already.  A few photo snaps later and my moment with her was gone.



So there you have it… I’m a groupie.  I’ll wear that badge proud.  Some day I hope to get more than a few moments with some of my favorite photographers/business people/bloggers.  But for now, I’ll wear my groupie badge proud!

ps.  Jasmine is only about an inch or maybe an inch and half taller than I am.  The girl was rockin’ some HUGE heals!


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