Baby Miles and Big Sister Norah! Newborn and Child Photography

Oh do babies grow so fast! And so do families.  It was just two years ago that I got to photograph little newborn baby Norah!  Now, as you’ll see she is big 2 year old sister Norah and this is her baby brother Miles.  Can I just say… both of these two were some of the easiest newborn babies I ever had the pleasure of photographing?





Norah is a spunky and very smart two year old.  Boy did she entertain me with all of her fun songs!





Thanks as always to Marc and Annie for allowing me to spend time with their fabulous family!  To view more of their session please visit the slideshow below.

Welcome Baby Miles!

I promised you a little newborn sneaky peeky!  This little guy is Miles and he was one of the best behaved newborns I’ve had the pleasure to photograph.  He didn’t even wet on my blankets.  Mommy reports his big sister didn’t either.  What is their secret?

Baby Ryan; CT Newborn Photography

Do you remember this couple Katie and Chris? I blogged their fantastic newborn session here just a sort time ago.

Well as you probably guessed their sweet baby made his grand entrance into this world.

Would you get a load of this cuteness! Oh my goodness, what a newborn baby fix I got on this day. Baby Ryan was just a week on the day of our session.

What a blessing to spend the afternoon with him and his family.

To see more of Baby Ryan please click the slideshow below. Thank you again so much Katie and Chris! It was a real pleasure.

Time to Start Sharing! A Newborn Session

Ok Folks!

The holidays are over!  Many of my clients asked me not to share their photos until after the Christmas season as many of them wanted to gift their photos to friends and loved ones.  I didn’t want to spoil any surprises so I have not blogged many of my fall sessions.  Well it is time to start!

Today I bring to you the absolute sweetest family.  I was given the honor and privileged of being welcomed into their home when their newest arrival was just 5 days old!  What a doll!  And his big sister cracked me up the entire time.  Big sis is a typical spunky 2 year old with lots to say and lots of love for her baby brother.  We had a ball.

Adam and Lindsay thank you for a great session!