Sweet Relief

Sweet Relief!  That is what a freeze pop is on a 95 degree day!  My boys ate an excellent dinner and they sure have earned the tasty treat.  The perfect photo for the MCP Blog photo challenge of the week!

I think I’ll go have one myself!  Happy Wednesday!

Eureka! I Discovered a Fun Way to Capture Photos of Little Ones!

Ezra Ezra Ezra! He is the most resistant of my kiddos to the camera.  I have apparently worn him down in his short three years.

His older brother will look and smile just to get me to go away faster.  Ezra on the other hand, digs his heals in whenever he sees the big black thing coming his way.  Poor boy.

I was hunting around for some photo ideas.  Something new to make me take my camera out and just click away and have some fun.

I came across the MCP Actions Weekly Photo Prompts and thought I’d give one a shot.

This week’s theme is “Hidden Objects.”  I picked up my camera and began walking around the house brainstorming.  That’s when Ezra walked by.  It was then that it hit me.  “Ezra, want to play a game with Mommy?’  “SURE!”

So I asked him to think of fun places to hide so that I could take his picture.  He was THRILLED with the idea.

He came up with most of the ideas on his own.  He didn’t want to stop when I did!  How perfect.  I was able to capture a few fresh photos of my boy just as he is right now and we both had fun doing it.  Love it!

He Gives More Than He Ever Takes

Can you I tell you about my baby boy Ezra?  He is just three years old and he already has a heart of absolute GOLD.  This child has a gift for giving of himself to others and it is clear nothing brings him more joy.  In fact generally speaking pretty much the only time we see tantrums or tears is when he is somehow prevented from doing something for someone else.

Please let me share with you some examples.  Since he learned to stand the very first thing he wants to do every morning is bring Daddy his glasses.  Every day this child brings Mommy her tea mug.  If he is getting himself a snack watch out because that means both his brother and his sister (and even often Mommy) will get snacks too.  A few weeks ago I had plate of cookies.  Ezra asked me if he could have two.  Sure I told him.  He didn’t want two for himself, he wanted to bring one to his big brother.  I’ve seen Ezra share his juice when he believed there wasn’t any more.

Ezra thinks of everyone before himself.  It brings tears to my eyes.  In my life before photography I had the opportunity to meet and teach many young children his age from all walks of life of every ability.  I never met anyone quite like my Ezra.  I know he is my son and so therefore I am extremely biased… but I think he is pretty special.

I adore this photo of him.  I think it is so fun, and whimsy.  I love the bubbles.  I like how one eye is a bit crossed and he is blowing and looking at me all at the same time.  I wish I could freeze him just as he is right now, forever.  I wish these moments didn’t have to pass.  I pray he never looses this sharing and giving spirit.  I pray he develops it and uses it to fulfill whatever his destiny is here on earth.  It makes him who he is and I love him.


For the Love of Snores!

Yes! Snores! No, not the noise you make while sleeping.  I’m talking about the ooey, gooey, chewy, sweet, chocolatey, messy, campfire treat that is the tradition of about forever!  Okay, yes I know they are really called S’Mores.  But my oldest son Noah had a bit of trouble with that word so he changed it into snores and gosh darn it I think that is so adorable we will call them snores in my household forever more!

Yesterday we celebrated father’s day with my family.  My step-father adores making campfires with my boys, no matter the weather.  So there we were yesterday afternoon in blazing heat and glaring son huddled around a campfire creating our delicious dessert.

I think Ezra enjoyed the treat most of all.  He had 3 before I cut him off!


So a happy belated father’s day to all the dad’s in the world!  I hope you enjoyed your day!


Sneak Peak of a Very Special Young Lady! | CT Senior Portrait Photographer

Can I introduce you to the sweetest young lady I think I’ve ever met?  Her name is Emma and she is just a doll.  She babysits for my boys during our weekly Bible study and they just adore her!  ALL of the children do!  Emma is headed into her senior year of high school and she and her mother gave me the honor and priviledge of photographing her at this very fun time in her  life.  The whole session is not quite ready so this sneak peak will have to do.

I love love LOVE the bright pink shirt Emma chose to wear for her shoot.  Bright vivid colors photograph so well!  And it made it perfect for this weeks iheartfaces.com photo challenge.  Happy Monday everyone!  Enjoy the week!

HOT! FORM! NEWS! CHORE! & BEADS! Yes, all in one blog post!

What a crazy mixed up post!  These scavenger huts drive me loopy because they make me put all these photos together that to me have no meaning.  I am such a story teller and it kills me to not tell a story!  However, I am challenged to look through my camera and notice things in new ways!  Oh, and it gave me plenty of excuse to play with my new macro lens! Yeah! This might very well be my first blog post with lots of photos and NO faces!


Now if this challenge came next week I’m sure I would have had plenty of photos to choose from as it is going to be nothing BUT HOT! HOT! HOT! here over the next few days!  A macro shot of some hot flames should do the trick though!


2.  Finding Form!

I had a great deal of fun seeking out form while we were in Providence last week.  I had a few things in mind as there is great architecture and lots of construction in the area.  But in the end it was this funky tree that captured me the most.


3. Front Page News!

While we were in Providence we happened to park out van right in front of this newspaper.  I thought a photo of the sign fit this prompt nicely.



4. Chore!

Well now there are always plenty of chores!  Today we are working on moving my Noah OUT of his room and into his brother’s room.  Noah’s room will be remodeled soon to make it more energy friendly.  The big gaping holes from broken down built in cabinets, and a terribly made crawl space door make the room impossible to keep cool.  So they are going to bunking together and sharing the AC.  Once the remodel is done they will BOTH move into Noah’s bigger room to make space for Joyanna.  In the middle of all of this we were moving dressers around.  I thought it’d be good to put away the old outgrown winter clothes and get a good handle on the summer ones.  Yep… should have been done weeks ago, I know!  Better late than never right?


5. Beads!

A photo of beads?  GREAT!  Perfect excuse to break out the macro lens!  Oh how I love my new lens!

So there you have it!  Another scavenger Sunday… well, on Tuesday.  But Ashley doesn’t mind!



Be careful, She’ll Steal Your Heart Away | CT Photographer

I blog about my children often.  All three of them are true unique blessings directly from God himself.  They are my daily inspiration to be everything I can be.  To live up to my fullest potential.  To dream bigger than I’ve ever dreamed before.  If I’m completely honest then I’ll also tell you that they are also regularly make me want to pull my hair out!  But then again, I guess that is a sign of just how absolutely they are wrapped around my heart.

I’m not often in the photos with my children.  Even though my husband is becoming a pretty great photographer in his own right it has become habit to have me document whatever we are up to as a family.  I’m usually the one creating the photos, not the one IN the photos.  Besides, my husband might be great at catching a flattering image of a bride, his wife is much more critical.

There just aren’t very many photos of me.  In my quest to keep so updated photos of myself on my blog, website, and on my social media pages I’ve been stretching myself to try and take some self-portraits.  I STINK at self-portraits.  They are always out of focus, and I never like how I look.  UGH!  But I want to learn this.  Yesterday I posted about a photo scavenger hunt that MADE me take a self-portrait.  The results were far far better than I ever had before.

I TREASURE the rare photo of myself (that I actually like) with one of my kiddos.  They speak of who I am and who they are at that very moment.  A moment that swiftly passes us by and can never be recaptured.  So I scooped up my baby and incorporated her into my self-portrait session.  Not that she really gave me a choice.  I happened to be sitting on the floor taking these photos and when she saw that she wanted in on the action.

I captured this.

I’m sorry, I know I am completely and utterly biased.  But look at her!  Those eyes will just steal your heart away.  They’ve stolen mine!

Happy Monday everyone!  Thank you so much for looking!

So I Tried Something New! | CT Photographer

It’s Sunday and that means it is time for another Ramblings and Photos Scavenger Hunt.  I missed last week (SHH… don’t tell anyone).  The week just got away from me and before I knew it I just didn’t have time to pull it together.  But I’m back with a vengeance this week!  Watch out!  Ok, yes I’m being silly.  So what! The world would be a happier place if we were all a bit sillier from time to time, don’t you think?

Anyway, on with the photos!

First up!  A Classic Still Life! Ok, so I’m going to combine this one with the another one of the prompts.  That prompt is FRESH!  I took a still life photo of a batch of my hubby’s delicious, fresh, and oh so pretty homemade salsa!  Doesn’t it look mouth watering?



Next was a Self-Portrait!  Ok, NEW! Can we say… UGH!  I’ve tried so hard to do these before and I always HATED the results.  But I was DETERMINED to get something worth while this time and by golly I did it!  I actually got a couple I liked and couldn’t decide what to use.  What do you think of this one?



After the Self-Portrait came On The Floor!  I had the perfect idea for this.  As you know, my husband has been in a cast and hobbling around on crutches for a while now.  That means he is wearing just one shoe, or slipper, or sock.  And then of course that means he is now leaving that one sock, or shoe, or slipper lying around when he is done with them.  I thought that’d be a great photo and a great part of this memory of this time to document.  That was going to be my photo!  Until last night.  My daughter was happily playing on the floor HOURS past her bedtime.  I wondered out loud (and on Facebook) when she might fall asleep.  No more than 3 minutes later she laid down right where she was and zonked right out with her toys still in her hands.  I’ve never seen her do anything like it before.  She usually gets nursed and rocked to sleep!  It was too cute.  So I ran for my camera of course.  Perfect photo for this photo prompt don’t you think?



After the On The Floor came Lines!  I was totally struck by the light coming through my window blinds and the way they hit my curtains.  I took this photo in a million different angles.  My husband hollered from the other room wondering what on earth I was up to.  I hollered back that I was just being weird.  Gotta love a wife who takes photos of her curtains right?



Sooo….. that’s another Scavenger Hunt for you!  I’m glad I had a great prompt to make me stretch.  Self-portraits are hard!  I envy those who make it look easy!

Thanks for looking!


Love Isn’t! | CT Engagement & Wedding Photographer

A photo for the iheartfaces yellow challenge.

“Love isn’t love
Til you give it away” -Oscar Hammerstein

I Looked Here! I Looked There! I Finally Found What I Was Looking For!

Scavenger Hunt Monday!  The photo challenges this week at Rambling and Photos were tough for me.  When I see something in print I want to take it literally.  I have had to train myself, convince myself, that the whole point of these scavenger hunts to to be creative.  It is my job to interpret the photo prompts.  When I do so I can take the time to think out of the box!  I’ve been mulling over these prompts all week!  I woke up on Saturday morning and some of them that I just hadn’t figured out yet finally pulled together.  I love ah ha moments!  I’m proud to say all of these photos were taken this week with the scavenger hunt in mind!  Hooray!  Let me show you what I got!

1. Give Me Flowers!

I thought this one was rather easy!  Spring is in full fling around here and I am in the flower photo taking kind of mode!  I cut some fresh lilacs (MY FAVORITE FLOWER, by the way) and I went to town with some natural light, my backdrop stand, and a sheet.  I loved it!  I SO need a macro lens though!  I can only imagine what I might have captured with one of those!

2. Visual Contrast

This was one I struggled with.  I had all kinds of ideas! Maybe something hard near something soft.  Something rough and smooth, or light and dark, or young and old.  In the end I saw what I think is the perfect photo.  My daughter’s tiny fingers hold my husband’s big masculine hands.  That has got to be a visual contrast!


3. Friendship

My immediate thought on this prompt was my boys.  I love capturing the two of them together.  They are absolutely best friends and as an only child I have to say I envy what they have a tiny bit.  I hope and pray they remain close their entire lives.  I knew I had to do something fun for this one though.  Instead of a portrait I thought it’d be fun to make a photo of them playing together.  That’s what friends do right?  But that can be sort of boring.  To spice things up I went with a slow shutter speed and conveyed a bunch of motion.  I made this photo while the two of them were playing pirates with their homemade pirate ship.  I confused them though.  They couldn’t wrap their heads around the idea that I WANTED them to move while I took the photo! I’m always yelling at them to hold still!  Poor guys!


4. Before and After!

Ok, this one boggled my mind!  Before AND After?  In ONE photo! How can you show something before and after all at the same time?  This when I was looking at my baby girl and her daddy sleeping so peacefully it hit me.  As a baby she is the before.  She is what she is before the world has really gotten too far into her little life.  He as the adult is the after.  He is a product of 33 years of living.  I love this photo.  It’s a precious moment for me.


5.  Dark

This was another stumper.  What could I do with dark?  I could photograph something dark in color.  I could do something dark in mood or expression.  I could create a photograph in the dark.  I opted for the last one.  My Ezra has suffered from a cold this week and has had a bit of trouble breathing.  So I’ve checked on him while he was sleeping quite often.  One time when I tip toed into his room I found him like this!  How CUTE!  I raced for the camera and managed to create this photo, in the dark, before he moved.  SCORE!  Another one for the memory books!


I’m trying new things! I’m stretching my creative abilities.  I’m documenting my life and family.  I’m loving these scavenger hunts!  Thanks for looking!