Another Fun Fix-It Friday!

I am just loving these Fix-It Friday’s!  I so crave getting a little funky with my editing but I’m always so nervous to do so for clients.  They hire me for my style and I fear that if I stray too far away they won’t like the end result.  So these Fix-It’s give me a bit of room to spread my wings.

This adorable Fix-It came curteousy of the crew and Adrienne Zwart Photography.

Here is the before…



Here is my fun with it…


The one to the far left I would say is my classic style.  I usually stay true to life with most of my work.


But of course I adore black and white photography too. I think I prefer the one to the left.

But my favorite is this one….


I simply love the feel of it.  It fits the photo perfectly.  I’m not sure what I’d call it.  It isn’t exactly vintage.  But I’m in love!  Maybe I’ll explore this style a bit more!

Which one is YOUR favorite? Leave a comment and let me know!

Happy Friday!


Fix It Friday! has presented us with another Friday Fix It Challenge.  And boy was this one a challenge! Amy Locurto searched through her photo files to try to find one that would create a huge challenge for everyone.  I’d say she found a great one. Check this out!  I’m impressed she had it because this would have been deleted from my files instantly!



My first attempts were to make just a nice clean fixed up version… and of course a black and white.


After that I decided to have a little fun! I thought this might work with a vintagy sort of feel to it. Then I  figured since the the colors were wacky already I could embrace that and play it up a bit.



The winner in my book…. the nice and clean edit.  Nothing to crazy but tremendously better than the original!



Great challenge!  I enjoyed it! Maybe I’ll keep a few bad photos around just to mess with from time to time!


Thank you!

Photo Editing Fun!

One of my favorite website for fun photography chatter is  Today they have presented their readers with a little challenged.  They have offered up a flawed photography by photographer Angie Arthur for all of us photo editing divas to run wild with.  Here are my results…


This was the original photo.  You can see the skin tones and white balance are definately not quite right.  Plus there is a distracting pole in the background.


You can see that I took the pole out and then I got a bit crazy. The right would be my typical style.


Of course I couldn’t resist a little sepia and black and white.  I love all three of these but it just might be the first sepia one that I adore the most.


This one is the winner in my opinion.  Just enough out of the ordinary to make you look twice!

What do you think?

Any favorites?


A Little Editing Fun! Friday Fix-It!

The fine folks at I Heart Faces have a neat little game every Friday.  They post a less than desirable although savable photo and encourage the community to give their ending skills a workout!  I’ve spent countless hours and big bucks on classes and workshops learning the ins and outs of Photoshop and Lightroom.  So let’s see if the money was well spent.

The before…

In all honesty this wasn’t a difficult fix.  It looks like the white balance was just a bit off and the photo needed perhaps a bit of brightening.

The After…

I adjusted the white balance with Lightroom’s dropper tool.  To give the photo a bit of drama and pop I applied a preset from Pretty Presets called Sun Kissed.  Finally I brought the image into Photoshop to pop out the gorgeous eyes and bring a of shine to her hair.

And since I was having such a great time I thought I’d try a couple of more looks.  Tell me, which one is your favorite?

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!