Prayers have been answered! Pastor Saeed!

Though it has been quite a while since I have posted about this I wanted to be sure I wrote a post thanking God for answered prayer.  My family has spent the last couple of years praying whole heartedly for the persecuted Christian Church and specifically Pastor Saeed Abedini.  You’ve likely seen the updates on the news today but Pastor Saeed is an American Christian pastor who was being held in horrible Iranian prisons for his faith in Jesus.

You can see my previous blog posts on the matter here, here, and you can see a post my husband wrote here about his experience traveling to Washington D.C. to pray at a prayer vigil in front of the White House.  Over the years we’ve hosted a few prayer vigils in our state’s capitol and although Pastor Saeed and 3 other Americans were released today there are hundreds and thousands of other Christians still being persecuted for their faith all over the world.  For this reason our prayers will not cease.

The last news update I saw indicated that Pastor Saeed and the other Americans were on a plane that had left Iranian air space and they were headed to Germany.  I know this man and his family have a very very long road ahead.  The scars left by this ordeal will be visible and invisible.  So our prayers for them will continue.

I pray that you will join us. 11703255_10153438338480767_2953910902730458327_o