Smart watch Samsung Gear S3 – advantages and disadvantages


Samsung, a well-known consumer electronics manufacturer, at an IFA 2016 exhibition in Germany introduced two smartwatch models developed by the company’s engineers to consumers: a budget option – Gear S3 Classic and the flagship Gear S3 Frontier. In the design of devices, the manufacturer included all innovative developments that expand the functionality and performance of devices. Currently, sales of these gadgets have started in Russia. It should be noted that the differences between these models are the presence of the flagship Gear S3 Frontier e-SIM module and a higher degree of protection against shock, temperature changes, and aggressive environmental conditions. All other characteristics of the devices are almost identical. This review describes the more advanced Gear S3 Frontier, which is currently the company’s flagship product.

Main parameters of the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier model

Module name                        Module parameters

Monitor                                A round 1.3-inch touch screen

manufactured using Super AMOLED

technology with an image resolution of

360 × 360 ppi, 302dpi.

Software shell                    Tizen

CPU                                  Dual core 1 GHz CPU

RAM                                 768 Mb

Flash drive memory       4 GB

Wifi                                  802.11b / g / n

Bluetooth                         4.2 LE

 Near Field                       Nfc

Communicatio Module                             

Magnetically Safe MST

Transmission System

Microphone                  there is

Fitness Tracker           Accurate accelerometer, heart rate and light Features                        sensor, gyroscope, barometer.

Index of protection      IP68

against water and

small particles

Using e-SIM                there is

the Internet                 3G / 4G

Navigation position Glonass, GPS


Smartphone Sync       Implemented via bluetooth

Accumulator              Made by lithium-ion technology, 380 mAh capacity


Index defining MIL-810G

protection against temperature     

extremes, vibrations and shock

Overall dimensions 46 × 46 × 12.9 mm

of the device

Weight                       62 g

Samsung Gear S3 Packing the apparatus and its acquisition

A sports watch from the South Korean company Samsung is placed in a small, black plastic cylinder and is held onto the charger case with a magnet. In the next compartment, the boxes under the plastic cover are: comfortable silicone strap;

a small guide to using the device in English;

warranty booklet;

Charger (voltage 5 V, maximum current 0.7 A) with Micro-USB output.

Samsung strives to meet the needs of different customers, therefore, in addition to the main one, there is a strap of a different size in the package. The manufacturer refused to complete with a spare strap, the same as the main one. A positive point for the user will be that the Gear S3 device mounts allow you to install straps from different manufacturers.

The charger is provided with a magnet that holds the smart watch while charging and has a compact size. The design and functionality of the charger practically do not differ from the previous model.

Smart Watch Appearance

The company’s engineers created a device design that meets the standards of Swiss brands. Samsung sports watches no longer look bulky and ridiculous on your hand. Now the appearance of the device resembles that of one of the Tag Heuer models. The company’s specialists realized the wishes of fans of Samsung devices and made a device whose appearance does not differ from ordinary chronometers.

The appearance of the watch will emphasize the brutality and masculinity of a man. The round display of the device is devoid of dead zones, the case is made of durable steel and has a gray color. The device is controlled using a special rim (lunette) or through a monitor sensor. For people with thin wrists, the Classic model is more suitable, as it has a smaller thickness.

A rotating lunette (bezel) gives the appearance of a sports watch unique features and facilitates the management of the device. The touch screen has good sensitivity and makes it easy to manipulate the program menu.

On the right side of the device are two function buttons. The upper key after a slight press returns to the previous menu item, and the lower one opens the tab of the home page. At the bottom of the case, under the bottom key is a hole that makes it easier for sound to enter the microphone. Three holes are located on the left side of the chronometer, which provide a speakerphone mode using the speaker.

Chronometer display

The touch screen monitor of the stylish Samsung Chronometer S3 Frontier sports chronometer is protected by a special mirror-smooth glass that is resistant to scratches. The grease-repellent coating of the display protects the screen from fingerprints much better than the Google Nexus 7 2013 model. Although it is slightly inferior to this model in anti-glare properties.

The display has a brightness value of 131 photos, which is 18 units higher than the Nexus 7, but reflection from bright objects on the screen creates a faint bluish edging that extends toward the wrist. There is no air between the protective layers of the display surface, so the ghosting is practically not visible. At the maximum brightness of the display (manual control, a scale value of 10 units), the light emission is about 600 cd / m2, and on one division about 10 cd / m2.

The design of the device provides a light sensor that allows you to automatically change the brightness of the screen depending on external lighting. Tests have shown that when the brightness levels are set on a settings scale of 1.6.10, the brightness is automatically reduced in absolute darkness up to 10, 20, 130 cd / m2. The first two readings obtained are consistent with the norm. In office lighting (about 550 Lux), the luminous flux from the screen is 10, 130, 300 cd / m2, only the average indicator corresponds to the norm.

The test results showed that the automatic adjustment of the screen illumination functions quite adequately, and the user can choose for himself the most comfortable screen brightness mode. The automation system provides a decrease in the brightness of the monitor only the field to exit the inactive mode. With ambient illumination from 20,000 Lux and above, even when the automatic brightness adjustment of the display is turned off, the monitor raises its illumination to 950 cd / m2. This brightness value will allow the user to see the image on the screen under any circumstances.

The use by the company’s engineers of the innovative active LED matrix allows you to get a clear color image. The matrix pixel consists of 3 parts, providing a display of the primary colors: red, green and blue. The brightness level of each subpixel provides colors of all shades.

The display on the monitor in black at any viewing angle is excellent, the color balance is above average. When viewing the screen at an angle of 90 degrees, the uniformity of white color is wonderful. The clarity of the image is quite high even at very small viewing angles. Analysis of the totality of indicators makes it possible to draw a conclusion about the high quality of the image display on the screen.

Control system and functionality

Samsung is investing heavily in developing its own Tizen operating system. All sports electronic devices manufactured by this company are running this software shell. At the time of writing this review, the Tizen 2.3.2 system was used in smart watches. and ensured their effective work.
The classic menu of the software shell developed by Samsung programmers consists of:

S Voice Menu Music option Weather tab

S Health Tab Contacts window Gallery menu

Settings window Message Menu Phone box

Short News Option Phone Search Tab Alarm option

Window World Time Reminder menu Barometer

Calendar tab

Other software products can be additionally installed using the Galaxy Apps store. It’s not possible to install traditional applications from Google or Yandex.Maps, but calling a taxi through the Yandex Transport app will work.

Sports chronometers are equipped with 14 different dials, in the absence of a suitable one, you can purchase your favorite dial in the Galaxy Apps store.

South Korean Samsung is making great efforts to develop its online platform Galaxy Apps, but, unfortunately, today it is losing in competition with the same store from Apple.

Smartphone Sync

Employees of the company strive to create electronic devices that work with smartphones from different manufacturers and are able to maintain a connection with different software shells. Samsung Gear S3 Frontier successfully syncs with devices also running the iOS software platform.

When you connect the watch to devices released for the Galaxy line, including synchronization with the flagship Galaxy S7 Edge model, the pre-installed Samsung Gear application is launched, which allows you to manage and configure the device, as well as process data received from the chronograph. Synchronization with the smartphone LG G4s, running on the Android software platform, took a lot of time and required the installation of several special applications.

To connect a smart chronometer to an iPhone that runs on the iOS platform, you need to install only one Samsung Gear S. After installing it on your iPhone, it allows you to effectively manage your sports watch. The smart chronometer does not support other devices on the iOS operating system.

When driving a car, the watch allows you to receive and send calls, unfortunately, the e-SIM module is not served by mobile phone companies in Russia, so synchronization with a smartphone is necessary to ensure communication.

The positive and negative sides of the gadget

It is rare to find a device that is ideal for any user and without flaws.


friendly and intuitive controls;

rather long straps that can be easily changed;

long battery life without recharging (up to 4 days);

serious protection against moisture and dust;

convenient Samsung Pay app.


the inability to use applications not developed by Samsung;

large dimensions that will not allow you to look beautiful on a hand

with a thin wrist;

problems connecting to a smartphone and connection stability.

The presence of shortcomings does not plead the virtues of smart watches from Samsung. This is a great and reliable device with a large set of useful features.


The developers of the South Korean company have created a wonderful device that incorporates all the best from previous models of smart watches and many useful, innovative solutions. The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier has successfully passed all the tests. It is perfect for people leading an active life, because it has successfully confirmed certificates for protection against small particles and water (index IP68) and vibration, impact strength (index MIL-810G). This device is not afraid of either high temperature or fierce cold. If a person already uses the previous version of the model from the line of smart chronometers: Gear S2 or Gear S, then the Gear S watch released 3 years ago has simply become obsolete and should be replaced with new ones. They have less battery life, they do not support 4G, they do not have the best design of the charging unit. The Gear S2 model is still being manufactured at the company’s factories and engineers continue to improve it, now it belongs to a more budget segment of the sports gadget market. Gear S2 has almost the same functions as the next Gear S3, compatible with smartphones based on Android and iOS. Therefore, a person who loves new products and is not financially constrained needs to replace his gadget with a more productive, and from a practical point of view – Gear S2 worthy and relevant model. The development of compact, electronic devices facilitates and makes a person’s life better, but, unfortunately, these useful devices cannot fully replace a smartphone and are only their complement.

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