Tue. May 28th, 2024

Mathfacts! Everyone might not agree with me but I think my children need to have absolute mastery over their math facts.  In my opinion it’ll just make the rest of the mathematical education that much easier.  My oldest son who is nearly 9 seems to have this one step forward two steps back issue with learning his facts.  I’ll swear he’s got everything in addition or subtraction or whatever and then he just doesn’t.  We’ve tried EVERYTHING under the sun.  Our latest experiment was with UberSmart Math Facts created by UberSmart Software which we received for review purposes.


UberSmart Math Facts is a software program that you download to your Windows computer.  You’ll need Windows 7, 8, XP or Vista in order to make this run.  UberSmart Math Facts is designed to help your children master all of their math facts.

Up to 8 students are able to operate the program which runs in several modes according to the student’s ability beginning with basic keyboarding skills needed to key numbers through the actual testing of the math facts.  The program uses dot cards that look much like dominos and flash cards with numbers to teach the facts.  It is a basic and clean computerized flashcard type program.

With addition and subtraction children will learn their facts up through the nines.  In multiplication and division they facts go up to twenty.

Earlier I mentioned how my son seems to take one step forward and two steps backward with mastering his math facts.  A program such as this can be pretty handy.  It is clean and straightforward, not too flashy or game like.  Perfect for the frequent reviewing a child like my son seems to need.

This program is intended for children in kindergarten through sixth grade but can truly be used by anyone seeking to brush up on their facts.  It was easy to download and install.  I was up and running in no time.  I had my children begin with a pre-assessment test which dives into your children’s keyboard entry, number order, greater than and less than, even and odd, and all the math facts.  The software then makes recommendations on areas for improvement based on performance.  The results are printable for your records.

How We Used It

To begin, I ran into the same problem with my Noah that I have run into with EVERY SINGLE computer based math program I’ve ever tried.  He does not possess the a solid ability to enter the answers using a number pad.  We’ve been using programs like this one for 2 or 3 years and he still hasn’t mastered this.  I’ve even used different keyboarding programs and still… he can’t get beyond frantically searching for the correct number key to hit EVERY.SINGLE.TIME he has to enter an answer.  Sure enough, the pre assessment test picked up on that and essentially told me he shouldn’t even try learning the math facts as he needed to learn to keyboard first.

Despite the program’s recommendations you can start your children at any place you’d like.  You can pick and choose what facts they work on and whether they use traditional flashcards or the dot cards.  So while I did have my son practice his keyboarding EVERY SINGLE DAY. In this portion the program gives you numbers to enter just as they are displayed on the screen.  At the end the child is given a time and a report on accuracy.


I also had him work on his various facts.  Sure enough, his keyboarding skills got in the way.  He might know the answer but he couldn’t get it quick enough as he hunted for the number on the keypad.  (Side note…. his younger brother has no issue with this… this is definitely one of those fascinating differences between children situations… which means… NONE of this is a fault of the program but it does display a weakness in my son’s learning).

My younger son Ezra enjoyed challenging himself with the multiplication facts.  He’s one of those mathy kids that seems to pick up on math skills with ease.  Working math flashcards is a treat for him.


Eventually I’d like to see my youngest daughter working with the dot cards.  She isn’t quite ready yet but she is itching to try. You can see why if you look at the screen shot below.  These dot cards are rather confusing.  It took me a while to really figure out what was being asked here.  I let my older boys skip right over them.


Eventually a student can move on to testing their math facts.  A parent adjustable timer is visible on the screen at the bottom. The student is uses the keyboard to enter the answers.  There is a report section where parents can view their child’s score and keep track of the facts that have been mastered.

Overall I appreciate this program.  It is a quick, clean, no nonsense way for my children keep up their math fact practice.  It’s an easy way for me to assess their progress.  Though my six year old mathy kid loves ANYTHING related to math, both boys did suggest that this program was… well… boring.  Maybe that’s why I like it so much!  Nothing flashy! Really the best part to me is that it provides my son an outlet for practicing his number keyboarding skills.  That is unique to this program and sorely needed for him.

Overall a very comprehensive and quick way to practice those facts.  The program runs well and is very user friendly.  All pluses in my world!

For $24.95 and useable for up to 8 people I’d say this is a great little program.