Tue. May 28th, 2024
Outdoor Space

It doesn’t matter what size your garden is; there are a wealth of different ways you can revamp it, without having to take out a second mortgage. Spending time outside is something we should all aim to do more often, as the fresh air does wonders for the mind, body, and soul. You’ve spent all week stuck behind a desk or slaving away in the kitchen, so why shouldn’t you be able to enjoy your outdoor space more? Whether you’ve got a deck, paddock or your outdoor space is the roof, here are some great ideas you’re sure to want to try.

Outdoor Space

Make Some DIY Furniture

Take a look online, and you’ll soon realize that creating furniture from someone else’s old items is one of the latest trends. Old packing pallets, in particular, can be made into a range of different things. Tables and chairs are the two most obvious examples. Throw on some colorful pillows, add atmospheric lighting and a cover and you won’t want to spend any time indoors.

Build a Water Feature

A water feature can bring a certain ambiance to the smallest of spaces. The sound of trickling water over pebbles or a cascading fountain has a very relaxing effect. A pond in the garden will also bring wildlife closer. There are many different ways to make a pond look more attractive; colorful plants around the edge, lilies in the middle and underwater pond lights make a wonderful addition to any body of water.

Upcycle Old Furniture

You’re bound to have a few pieces of furniture hanging around that you can’t bear to part with but really don’t want them in your home anymore. Why not take them out into the garden and give them a new purpose? Turn an ugly wooden ladder into a plant display or storage for your garden shed for example.

Install a Fire Pit

If you’re feeling the need to keep up with the latest trends, consider installing a fire pit. Build one yourself or buy one ready-made if your budget allows. Used not just for cooking, but keeping warm and providing a feeling of comfort, we’ve been making good use of fire for thousands of years!

Outdoor Space

Paint Your Patio Floor

This is not something that immediately springs to mind when it comes to your patio, but you’ll be amazed at the difference a couple of coats of paint will make to your tired and worn pavers. Get the kids involved and you’ll probably get some amazing patterns!

Decorate Rocks

One last suggestion and this is a project for the kids. Pebbles make the prettiest of decorations if you let your kids loose with brightly colored paint, if you haven’t got any pebbles lying around, then stones work equally well. Once painted place them around flower borders or pile them into interesting shapes.

You don’t have to spend days or lots of money giving your outdoor space a revamp. The smallest of changes can make quite a difference, especially when you put in a little thought and be creative.