Tue. May 28th, 2024

Today I’ve invited a guest poster to the blog… Please welcome welcome back Anna Aamone as she writes for us about cleaning up our crafts!

Kids love creating their own art and spending time in crafts. But the problem is that after they finish playing and enjoying themselves, usually there is a complete mess which needs to be cleaned. Here are some smart mom hacks for after-craft cleaning which will save you time and useless efforts. Apply them next time your kids decide to have fun time with arts and crafts.


Designate an area in the kids’ room for craft time and protect it from getting messy as much as you can. Cover floors, desks and tables with paper sheets or more durable materials to protect your expensive carpets, rugs, floors and furniture. Let your children play and create art with materials easier for cleaning which don’t create permanent marks.

Make sure the paint your children use is washable. Lay a large enough paper sheet under the table or area where you kids will paint and throw it away after they finish work. Rubbing alcohol is perfect for removing stains of permanent marker from your kids’ clothes and wood floors. Another option is using magic eraser for this purpose. Less aggressive cleaning methods are highlighters and hand-sanitizers.

To remove washable or other paint from clothes first, soak them in alcohol for two minutes or longer if you have left the paint stains get dry. Then, use a toothbrush to scrub the paint marks till they loosen. In the end, throw the garments in the machine on cold washing.

To remove play dough smears from the carpet you need a vacuum cleaner. Don’t apply any cleaning products on it as this will make the smear bleed in the carpet are saying from Islington’s Super Tenancy Cleaners. First, let the stain dry completely which takes about a day and don’t step on it during this time. Use the brush tool of your vacuum cleaner to break the dough smudge into smaller parts. Hoover the residue that is left. If there are any leftovers of the play dough smear, soak a paper towel with liquid soap and carefully scrub the area with it.

Sparkles and confetti can be cleaned from the table and floor with a vacuum cleaner. If tiny pieces of them have stuck to containers and other hard surfaces, roll some tape around your fingers and gather them.

After fun craft time usually there can be found a lot of glitter in your kid’s play area and room. Cleaning glitter from hard floors, tables and furniture is easy. Use a ball of play dough and roll it through the glitter which will gather the tiny particles. Knead the ball well and roll it to capture as much glitter as possible. The good news is that afterwards you can use the glitter dough ball for you kids to play with.

If there are any colored or white paper cutouts, wastes and trash that are left from your kids’ playing area, make them help you gather them. Use plastic shopping bags to gather the trash that is left after craft-time. You can put them in empty plastic containers and help your kids clean the mess.


To clean microfiber couches and surfaces take a spray bottle, filled with rubbing alcohol and wet the couch with it. With a white sponge which should be clean scrub the couch and other microfiber surfaces. The dirt and stains will be removed so, use as many clean sponges as necessary. When the couch or item gets dry, fluff it up with a hard bristle brush.

Cleaning after creating art and crafting new items is easy if you use the methods for sanitizing, presented here. Your kids can help you with the tidying up and gathering of the wastes from their room. This will make the cleaning work be completed faster and done better.