Cooking with the Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

I bought myself a new kitchen toy!  It is called an Instant Pot and it is a pressure cooker.  If you’ve been following my series about batch cooking using the Happy Herbivore meal plans than you’ll know that I cook a week’s worth of lunches and dinners all at once.  I love the convenience of […]

USAopoly Logo_zpsvacabugh

Review: 2 Games from USAopoly, Tapple and Wonky

I believe a lot can be learned through board games.  Every game presents a different set of skills to be learned.  Anything from math, to reading, to problem solving, to strategy.  I love to add games to our day to build skills and add a lot of fun and laughter.  When my family was given […]


A New 1 Year Session

I wanted to share with  you a little preview of a one year old photo session I recently did.  Isn’t this little man a doll!


Review: Individual Membership from Super Teacher Worksheets

    Our family was recently given the opportunity to review an Individual Membership from Super Teacher Worksheets.  In our homeschool I’m often looking for fun ways for my children to have a little extra practice in some area.  Or a new way to get their thoughts out on some topic.  Sometimes we just want a break from […]


When Life Crashes Into Homeschooling

Life happens!  No matter who you are you will face some sort of difficult circumstance at some point in life.  Probably at many points in life truthfully.  Being able to roll with the punches can be a challenge but it can also be a mark of character.  Showing your children how to adapt to life’s […]


Remembering Sept 11th

As I do every year I am praying for those who lost loved ones on that horrific day not so long ago.  May God grant you peace. Your loved one is not forgotten.


Top 7 Reasons to Join a Homeschool Co-op!

If there is anything I am passionate about it is encouraging other homeschool moms.  Whether they be veterans or brand new to the homeschooling way of life I want to do what I can to come along side them and give them a helping hand should they ever need.  Truthfully, I need it sometimes so […]


Encouragement for a Mother’s Heart: A New Creation

17Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come:a The old has gone, the new is here! 18All this is from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation: 19that God was reconciling the world to himself in Christ, not counting people’s sins against them. And he has committed […]


My Experiment With Batch Cooking and The Happy Herbivore Meal Plans… The Food!

So far I’ve shared with you what shopping with this meal plan is like.  I’ve also discussed how easy batch cooking is.  However, none of that matters much if the food isn’t any good.  So how IS the food? DELICIOUS! The end! So I really could end this post right there.  How many ways can I […]



To Cute For Words! Thomas Is On the Blog Today! | CT Children’s Photographer

Check out this little guy!  His name is Thomas and his personality is just as adorable as his smile!  Full of life, full of energy, and totally full of spunk I don’t think I’ve gotten quite the workout during a photo shoot as I did with this little guy!  He was all giggles and grins […]


I Heart Faces Photo Challenge! WIND!

I’ve been eyeballing the I Heart Photo Challenges for quite some time!  I always MEAN to enter and then… well, it just doesn’t happen!  Life has this annoying habit of getting in the way.  Today I decided to change that!  It is time to jump into the water and take part.  This week’s challenge is […]


Intentions… Plans… Never Say Never! This post could have a lot of different titles!

I’ve got a pet peeve.  Ok, maybe I have a lot of pet peeves but I won’t go down that road today.  I’ll just stick with this one.  I hate leaving something unfinished.  I’m baffled by those who can start something and then stare at it, every day, half done.  It drives me up a […]


Motivate Your Child Giveaway!

Lately I’ve been sharing little bits about a book I’m reviewing called Motivate Your Child: A Christian Parent’s Guide to Raising Kids Who Do What They Need to Do Without Being Told.  I previously read another book by the same authors called The Christian Parenting Handbook. That book has a huge positive impact on my parenting […]



A New 1 Year Session

I wanted to share with  you a little preview of a one year old photo session I recently did.  Isn’t this little man a doll!


A Little Look At A Great Girl

I have a number of photo sessions to blog.  Here is just one from a recent favorite… Ok they are all my favorites!  This is Sarah!  I had a ball with her! Be on the look out for her whole session soon!


So You Want To Learn Shoot in Manual: The Exposure Triangle Part 2, The Basics of Shutter Speed

As an owner of a great DSLR camera I’m sure your goal is to take that thing out of auto and into manual mode so that you can have complete control over every photo you create.  Yesterday I brought you one step toward that goal when I introduced you to the exposure triangle and one […]


So You Want To Learn Shoot in Manual: The Exposure Triangle Part 1, The Basics of Aperture

When you buy a great camera it is with the intent of taking great photos right?  Why else spend the money? Now a days you could just simply use your camera phone for adequate everyday shots that document your memories.  The fact that you own a great camera tells me that you want better photos […]


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