Sunya Math and Science Multiplying and Dividing book and cards 2_zpskq5wmzfo

Review: Math Game from Sunya Publishing

As a homeschool mom I think it is fantastic whenever I can find a way to make learning fun… particularly when it comes to math. That’s why I was excited to have the chance to review Sunya – The Magic and Wonder of Math and Science Multiplying & Dividing from Sunya Publishing.  This is a brand new […]


Review: D’Aulaires’ Greek Myths from Memoria Press

There are SO many things I want to teach my children!  I personally have a fascination with Greek Myths.  Could it be because they are so absurd in some ways?  I mean the stories are just hilarious!  But there is such an educational value to studying them.  So when the chance to review  D’Aulaires’ Greek Myths from Memoria Press came up I […]

Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization Teachers Manual amp CDs_zpszehu8rim

Review: Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization from Institute for Excellence in Writing

Have you seen the updated Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization from Institute for Excellence in Writing? My family has been given the blessed opportunity to review this program for the several weeks and we are loving every bit of it. After hearing Andrew Pudewa from IEW speak at a homeschooling conference just last year about Nurturing Competent Communicators and the Four […]

Female hand holding a pen and writing a plan in a planner

If I Could Start All Over Again Homeschooling What Would I Do Differently?

I’m not even halfway through this homeschooling horse race.  My oldest is just 10 so I have another 8ish year of schooling to go with him while his baby sister is nearing her second birthday.  I haven’t even embarked on this journey with her.  (Well, yes I have… she is actually learning every day… just […]

Sculpture Technique Construct_zpsmnemdlpo

Review: Sculpture Technique Construct from ARTistic Pursuits Inc.

One of the many things that I LOVE about homeschooling is that we get to make time, lots of time, to study the things that make life richer.  Art is certainly one of those things.  Boy does my crew enjoy rolling up their sleeves to get a little messy and CREATE something new!  Recently we […]


Education is Dicipleship

Disciple… have you ever thought to look up that word in the dictionary?  I never did.  I always thought it referred to followers of Christ.  I never heard it used in any other context until recently when I was at a regional Christian homeschooling conference.  Heidi St. John was one of the keynote speakers and in […]


Review: GREEMU from Devonian

If you follow my blog closely you probably noticed that I’ve done all I can to remove any and all animal products from my life.  I certainly don’t eat anything that came from an animal and I absolutely prefer any and all other products to be animal free as well. That is why I was […]

Abraham Lincoln_zpsqmzgytzi

Review: Heroes of History- Abraham Lincoln from YWAM Publishing

It has been three years since my family was introduced to books from YWAM Publishing.  Since then these biographies of Christian Heroes and Heroes of History haven been a mainstay of our homeschooling lives.  We are almost always reading one of their books as a read aloud.  (My boys could totally read the books on their […]


Homeschooling with a Toddler

I wanted to pop into my blog today and just encourage you all!  I know how hard it is to homeschool with a whirling dervish of a toddler underfoot.  I do it every day.  While I don’t have all sorts of sage advice on how to make it all work just right I have just […]



Review: Veritas Press Self-Paced History: Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation

Our family was recently given the opportunity to review Veritas Press Self-Paced History: Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation plus the Middle Ages, Ren & Ref Flashcards all by Veritas Press.  This program is absolutely amazing.  I know I am going to struggle in this review to find adequate words to really give you the depth of this program. This program […]

Homeschool Copywork Logo_zpsvi8x2cyp

Review: Homeschool Copywork

Copywork is something I’ve wanted to add to our homeschooling for quite some time.  I’ve always fussed with the idea of how to do it well and in the end I just never jumped in.  We’ve used handwriting books in the past but copywork is different from handwriting practice. Well, it does include handwriting practice but […]


Confessions of a Groupie! My visit with Jasmine Star

It is time to come clean!  It is time to admit this to myself and the world!  They say confession cleanses the soul.  So here it is.  I am a groupie.  There, I said it!  I AM A GROUPIE!  Do I need to climb a tall building and scream it from the rooftop?  Ok, maybe […]


When I Do It ALL and ALL Is NOT Enough!

I’m a mom and like all moms I bust my rear end day in and day out to give my children every opportunity in this world.  Sometimes that means we get to do great exciting things, sometimes that means I lay down expectations and consequences.  But mostly in means that my work just never ends. […]



A New 1 Year Session

I wanted to share with  you a little preview of a one year old photo session I recently did.  Isn’t this little man a doll!


A Little Look At A Great Girl

I have a number of photo sessions to blog.  Here is just one from a recent favorite… Ok they are all my favorites!  This is Sarah!  I had a ball with her! Be on the look out for her whole session soon!


So You Want To Learn Shoot in Manual: The Exposure Triangle Part 2, The Basics of Shutter Speed

As an owner of a great DSLR camera I’m sure your goal is to take that thing out of auto and into manual mode so that you can have complete control over every photo you create.  Yesterday I brought you one step toward that goal when I introduced you to the exposure triangle and one […]


So You Want To Learn Shoot in Manual: The Exposure Triangle Part 1, The Basics of Aperture

When you buy a great camera it is with the intent of taking great photos right?  Why else spend the money? Now a days you could just simply use your camera phone for adequate everyday shots that document your memories.  The fact that you own a great camera tells me that you want better photos […]


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