Review: Preschoolers and Peace

What a season of life I am in right now.  I am currently homeschooling two boys who would be considered 4th grade and 2nd according to their age.  I also have a preschooler and new baby.  What a juggling act!  How on earth do I make sure each every child gets what he or she […]


Review: IEW Fix It Grammar Book 1

I think the number one question I hear from homeschool moms in my homeschooling circles is… “What do you use for grammar?”  I think solid, yet enjoyable grammar programs are difficult to find.  My family certainly didn’t have one. We were piecing together bits and pieces from here, there, and everywhere.  When I had the […]


Homeschooling With a Baby!

  My family was blessed to welcome a precious baby into our family just 7 weeks ago.  Ever since life has been a whirlwind.  My older children are totally enamored with this little princess.  Mommy and Daddy are busier than ever and totally sleep deprived.  It comes with the territory though doesn’t it? To say […]


Review: My Student Logbook

Do you have children who THRIVE on checklists like mine do!? My Ezra is a total checklist kind of kid.  If I’ve made him a checklist I can guarantee you everything I’ve asked him to do will be done and likely without any fuss.  His older brother Noah is a bit more laid back but […]


Review: The 7 Minute Life Daily Planner

An organized life!  Doesn’t it sound wonderful? As a homeschooling mother to four I wear many many hats.  Not only do I have a household to run but I also run a small business (or two), assist my husband in various ministries at our church, and I direct a new and growing Homeschool Co-op!  It is all […]


Books to Encourage the Homeschool Mom

If you are like most homeschoolers I know you love to read!  I know I do!  I love to read all kinds of books but anything that can bring me encouragement in my job as a homeschooling mom ranks high on my list.  I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite books that […]


Review: Under Drake’s Flag by Heirloom Audio Productions

If there is one thing we’ve added to our homeschool in the last year or say that adds a spark, fun, and even adventure right from our mini-van or our living room it would be ebooks or even better and more robust are audio adventures like Under Drake’s Flag by Heirloom Audio Productions which my family recently had the […]


Curbing My Daughter’s Tantrums

You cannot change others others, you can only change yourself! Have you ever heard that quote? Or some variation of it?  I haven’t a clue where it came from but I’ve found it to be very true.  My four year old daughter has been going through a thing lately.  She drops into tantrums with the […]


Encouragement for a Mother’s Heart… You Are God’s Creation!

For you created my inmost being;    you knit me together in my mother’s womb.14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;    your works are wonderful,    I know that full well. You Mom are one of God’s own wonderfully made masterpieces.  Ok does anyone else get sort of uncomfortable when they hear (or read) that?  How on earth can […]



Miss N is 3 Months Old Already! Can you believe it? | CT Children’s Photographer

Guess what! I had the pleasure of photographing sweet little Miss N again!  How blessed am I?  And man has she grown from her fabulous fleeting newborn days!  Just in case you missed those photos the first time around please feel free to click here and to view them now.  Just be prepared for your […]


Celebrating NOT Back to School!

The first sounds I heard that morning were those of a little boy’s foot steps as he came bouncing down the hallway and into my bed.  Ezra was the first to rub the sleep from his eyes as he snuggled his way into my bed.  Noah wasn’t far behind.  There we were, 4 of us […]


A First! A wedding in the SNOW!

I can now say YES! I’ve shot a wedding in the snow.  Ok so the ceremony was indoors.  BUT WE WENT OUTSIDE!  I can’t wait to share more.


Brittany, Tommy, and Baby Noah!

Anyone remember this fabulous couple, Brittany and Tommy, from they engagement session back in 2011?  Well guess what?  They tied the knot and then were blessed with a beautiful bouncing baby boy. They gave their baby the very best name every by the way.  They named him Noah Thomas… just like my little boy!  How […]



A Little Look At A Great Girl

I have a number of photo sessions to blog.  Here is just one from a recent favorite… Ok they are all my favorites!  This is Sarah!  I had a ball with her! Be on the look out for her whole session soon!


So You Want To Learn Shoot in Manual: The Exposure Triangle Part 2, The Basics of Shutter Speed

As an owner of a great DSLR camera I’m sure your goal is to take that thing out of auto and into manual mode so that you can have complete control over every photo you create.  Yesterday I brought you one step toward that goal when I introduced you to the exposure triangle and one […]


So You Want To Learn Shoot in Manual: The Exposure Triangle Part 1, The Basics of Aperture

When you buy a great camera it is with the intent of taking great photos right?  Why else spend the money? Now a days you could just simply use your camera phone for adequate everyday shots that document your memories.  The fact that you own a great camera tells me that you want better photos […]


What a day! Another Rockin’ Wedding!

Michelle and Tom said ‘I do’ today!  What  a wonderful day!


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