Review: Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids

I’m a typical American.  I speak only one language… English.  That’s it!  I was miserably failed my high school French classes and developed a nasty taste for learning a foreign language… ANY foreign language.  (True story… every time an opportunity to review a French program pops up I all but refuse to do it.  I’m […]


Review: Travel Series Folding Magnetic Chess Set in Sheesham & Box wood

My family has recently had the opportunity to review a Travel Series Folding Magnetic Chess Set in Sheesham & Box wood from Chess Bazaar.  Chess Bazaar is a one stop online shop for just about anything you can imagine when you think of chess.  This store is loaded with a plethora of Chess boards, sets, and pieces.  You’ll […]


Review: CTC Math Homeschool Membership

  Math is such a funky thing in our homeschool.  I have one son who struggles with it.  He’s the free spirited one. He’d rather be drawing or day dreaming tha figuring out sums so has convinced himself he isn’t any good at math.  That isn’t exactly true however when he watches his brother who […]

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The Lesson I Learned About the Power of My Words

My son taught me a lesson the other day.  My oldest son Noah is 10 right now and he gave me a fascinating display of how a child’s brain works.  He was doing his daily karate practice and he was being quite lazy and sloppy with his moves.  I started to correct but for some […]


Review: Orphs of the Woodlands at Tangletree from Star Toaster

High quality and educational apps can be a bit of a chore to discover in the sea of apps that make up the app stores on our mobile devices.  There are gems out there and I’m excited to share one of them with you.  Our family has been enjoying a fantastic app called Orphs of the […]

Beric The Briton Cover Image_zpswtfjirrr

Review: Beric The Briton from Heirloom Audio Productions

I wish I could start this review with the blare of trumpets.  Why? Because my family has recently had the opportunity review another audio from one of our favorite companies!  We have been blessed with Beric The Briton from Heirloom Audio Productions . We’ve reviewed every single one of Heirloom Audion Productions audio adventures and you can read all […]

ABeCeDarian Level A app_zpsmxxjchso

Review: ABeCeDarian Interactive Level A

Recently we were given the opportunity to review the Interactive A Workbook from ABeCeDarian Company. What is ABeCeDarian? ABeCeDarian is a decoding program for early readers.  It is multisensory and research based.  Intended for children of at least age five and who are ready to learn to read and write.   Interactive A Workbook is an online […]

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Review: ArtAchieve Entire Level I

One of the glorious things about homeschooling is that we have more time for things like art and music.  My experience as a public school teacher showed me that most children only get about 40-50 minutes PERHAPS once a week dedicated to subjects like these.  That wouldn’t be enough for my drawing/art loving children.  However, […]


Do You ALWAYS Give Your Best?

This thought has been bouncing around in my brain a lot lately.  I’m not really sure where the general idea came from at first.  The idea that God is calling on all of us to always give our best at everything we do no matter what. I remember once listening to a podcast by Andy […]



Review: Standard Deviants Accelerate

As a reviewer for the TOS Review crew I regularly get access to review homeschool products I’ve never heard of before. Often times these products are gems and our family is blessed to get to use them.  When  Standard Deviants Accelerate popped up I was quite intrigued. What a name!  Standard Deviants Accelerate has Homeschool Courses on a tremendous variety […]


Some Home Inspiration!

“Wow! I thought your walls would be covered with your stuff!”  That’s what a good friend said to me the other day when she walked into my home for the first time.  I hung my head in shame.  She was right.  I really don’t have ANY of my own photography hanging in my home.  Even […]

HS Essentials Support

5 Days of Homeschool Essentials – Support!

Today is day 5 of Homeschool Essentials.  It’s been a good week.  I pray my posts have been a blessing.  On day 1 I shared with you our most essential object, Our Child Training Bible.  On day 2 I talked all about our precious books!  On day 3I shared our art supplies! Yesterday I talked about needing a […]


Jesus Is…



A New 1 Year Session

I wanted to share with  you a little preview of a one year old photo session I recently did.  Isn’t this little man a doll!


A Little Look At A Great Girl

I have a number of photo sessions to blog.  Here is just one from a recent favorite… Ok they are all my favorites!  This is Sarah!  I had a ball with her! Be on the look out for her whole session soon!


So You Want To Learn Shoot in Manual: The Exposure Triangle Part 2, The Basics of Shutter Speed

As an owner of a great DSLR camera I’m sure your goal is to take that thing out of auto and into manual mode so that you can have complete control over every photo you create.  Yesterday I brought you one step toward that goal when I introduced you to the exposure triangle and one […]


So You Want To Learn Shoot in Manual: The Exposure Triangle Part 1, The Basics of Aperture

When you buy a great camera it is with the intent of taking great photos right?  Why else spend the money? Now a days you could just simply use your camera phone for adequate everyday shots that document your memories.  The fact that you own a great camera tells me that you want better photos […]


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