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One of my biggest goals for my children’s education is that they grow up just loving to read.  Instilling this virtue is, in my opinion a multi-step process.  What time is better for fun reading than summer right! Step number 1, and probably key to everything, is finding fun reading selections that your boys will enjoy and even gravitate to.

I’ve managed to create two little boys who are voracious readers.  I often can’t keep a good supply of books handy as they run through everything I bring home rather quickly.  Recently we sat down together and I asked them to list for me their most favorite books ever!

Ezra is 5.  He began reading simple words as a late 3 year old and then things just took off from there. These days he reads at probably a 4th or 5th grade level though for pleasure reading he often chooses slightly simpler books.  I think that’s wonderful. Those are the books that appeal to his 5 year old mind. I often find him hanging out on the couch or his bed, Kindle in hand, hanging upside-down reading.  Yes, he likes to hang his head off the couch or bed to read!

Noah is 7.  He began reading right about age 5.  Though he grasped it quickly he didn’t really develop a real heart for reading until I gave him a kindle about a year later.  Ever since then there has been no stopping him!  I couldn’t tell you where he is at by now as the last time I tried to measure it he scored off the chart.

Here are their choices!

  • Anything Magic Tree House but most especially #3 Mumies in the Morning and #4 and Pirates Past Noon.  Pirates and Mummies are favorite themes for our boys.
  • An obvious choice would be anything in the Boxcar Children’s Series!  We’ve picked up a number of them at 2nd hand book stores and for the Kindle.  Last year I was able to purchase The BoxCar Children Mysteries Box Set: Books One Through 12 on the kindle for something like $25.  I see now the price has gone up dramatically.  So it might be wise to get these through another source.  In all the investment was well worth it.  I’ve lost track of how many times each boy has read through these.  I’d say a good 5 times a piece.
  • The A to Z  Mysteries are beloved in our home. My boys just LOVE mysteries.  It’s probably why the Boxcar Children are such a hit. They have read several and were hard pressed to choose just one favorite.
  • Ezra recently read Penny and Peter by Carolyn Hayward.  He read it straight through twice over a couple of days.  He originally became interested in the book after I read Here’s a Penny by the same author out loud.
  • My husband has passed on a love for the Hardy Boys.  These are books that he read as a child and has since shared them with our boys.  We began them as read alouds but then the boys just took off with them on their own.  We gathered a few copies from Grandma’s house that once belonged to Daddy.  We picked up a few extra’s as Kindle books.
  • The Rescue Team by Billi Tiner is the story of two dogs who form an amazing bond and then go on to help rescue a lost child.  Animal books are much adored in our home.  This was no exception.
  • The Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth George Speare is adored by Noah.  He just loves animal/animal/outdoor/old time type stories and this classic just fits the bill perfectly.
  • The Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beaverly Clear is one of those books that I read as a child that I just knew I had to share with my own.  I had intended to use it as a read aloud but my boys got through it before I could even begin.
  • Dolphin Adventures: A True Story by Wayne Grover.  Another animal book!  Do you see a trend with my children? This is the true story of how a diver saves the life of an baby dolphin.  My boys loved this books so much they’ve worn out the paperback copy that we have.  I’m not sure we have a book that is more beloved.
  • My boys LOVE the Little House series! They really seem to be drawn to stories about early America, simpler times and farm life.
  • Of course Charloette Web by E.B. White as well.  We originally read this together as a read aloud!  Noah and I cried together when Charolette died.   Since then they’ve read the book themselves numerous time!


  • Old Mother West Wind is an old classic that I saw one reviewer describe as a combination of Aesop’s fables, Kipling’s rhythm and mischief, and Disney’s cottoncandy sweetness.  My boys just adored the fun of the this book.
  • Lightfoot the Deer is another classic described as a wonderfully descriptive tale of the conflict between deer and hunter from the deer’s point of view.  Noah said he just felt so drawn into the story.
  • The Aventures of Reddy Fox the Burgess classics just have that timeless quality to them that my boys seem to really enjoy!
  • The Tales of Big and Little by Josh Kilen.  This is actually a 3 part books, the first is available free as of this writing.  These books are just pure fun. They are shorter and novella like.  Each one leaves you at the edge of your seat wanting more!  My boys ran through these VERY quickly.

What’s on our reading list for this summer?

I’d love to hear some more suggestions from you!  What are your children planning to read this summer?



  1. Love that photo, so cute! My son and I read The Sign of the Beaver last school year and it is still his favorite book. Nice list, I will be checking these out at the library. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Great choices! The good thing with a Kindle is you’re never without a book. The bad thing about a Kindle is you’re never without the opportunity to get a new book! LOL Thank goodness for the freebies! Last summer, DD had a book-a-day habit!

  3. My son posed for a similar photo for my summer book list lol. Thanks for some new book ideas. I’ll have to check my library.

  4. Patti Fitzpatrick says:

    After having Charlotte’s Web read aloud to him in his kindergarten class, my son suddenly LOVED having books read to him (previously he would NOT sit for reading. Ever). So his teacher recommended The Trumpet of the Swan, also by E. B. White, The Cricket in Times Squre by George Selden, and of course the Boxcar Children series. We’ve been reading The Magic Treehouse series and he LOVES it!

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